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Nestlé Purina Donates State-of-the-Art Kitchen to LMU-CVM

A state-of-the-art nutrition kitchen furnished and supplied by Nestlé Purina has been installed at the Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine (LMU-CVM), representing a commitment to advancing the role of nutrition in the care and well-being of canine and feline patients cared for by LMU.


“At Nestlé Purina we fund work at veterinary schools around the world as well as the efforts of organizations that share our high standards of care and compassion for pets,” said Steven Cohn, DVM, communications manager for Nestlé Purina.


Nestlé Purina has installed Purina Nutrition Centers at leading veterinary schools around the United States. These innovative centers highlight the important role of nutrition in managing both healthy and sick pets, ultimately resulting in a more integrated educational program and an improved, comprehensive approach to medical care of pets.


The LMU-CVM diet kitchen, valued at $29,000, provides veterinary students, faculty and staff with easier access to therapeutic diets for animals that reside temporarily at the school. All of the food is clearly labeled with quantities, ingredients and expiration dates to make it easy to prepare special dietary options for LMU-CVM patients. The kitchen will hold Purina products and other food brands in both dry and canned foods, to ensure that the patient's nutritional needs are met.


Kaitlynn Petree, a member of the LMU-CVM Class of 2018, is a Nestlé Purina student representative. She led the effort to install the center at the DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center in Ewing, Virginia.


“A healthy pet is a happy pet, and with the new state-of-the-art kitchen that Purina has helped us build, animals at the DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center will be getting the best nutrition options available,” Petree said. “The organization and variety of food used in the kitchen is so helpful for students to be able to provide food according to their patient’s needs.”


Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine is located on the LMU main campus in Harrogate, Tennessee, with additional academic facilities in nearby Lee County, Virginia. LMU-CVM is an integral part of the University’s medical programs and provides real-world experience through a hybrid-distributive education in a collaborative learning environment. For more information about LMU-CVM, call 1-800-325-0900, ext. 7150 or visit us online at




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