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Lincoln Memorial University strives to provide abundant opportunity for scholarship to its students. Each year the number of scholarships available has increased and we intend on continuing that trend.

Listed below are scholarships available to LMU-CVM students. The listings are organized by the specific selection criteria of the scholarships. The number of scholarships, amounts awarded and number of recipients may vary from year to year. Included additionally are external scholarship opportunities such as scholarships offered by other professional organizations, states or national scholarship contests.

To apply for scholarships, click here. Applications are due January 31, 2019. 

LMU-CVM Veterinary Scholarships

  • LMU-College of Veterinary Medicine Annual Scholarship 
  • Glen Hoffsis Annual CVM Scholarship 
  • Robert Henry Veterinary Anatomy Scholarship 
  • Edwin Robertson Memorial CVM Scholarship 
  • Jim Whitt Annual CVM Scholarship 
  • Jason W. and Jennifer T. Johnson Rural Appalachian Region Veterinary Scholarship 
  • Kaitlyn DeVries Memorial CVM Scholarship*
  • The Arvilla Reproductive Memorial (ARM) Scholarship 
  • Gary Vroegindewey One Health Annual Scholarship
  • Kentucky 5th District Gateway Annual Scholarship
  • Leabow Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Nathaniel (San) Heck CVM Memorial Scholarship
  • Rowe Anatomy Annual Scholarship
  • Roberson-Cannon Annual Memorial Scholarship
  • Schadler Family Diversity Scholarship 
  • Snider Whitaker Endowed Scholarship
    • Appalachian Annual CVM
    • Food Animal CVM
    • Equine CVM
    • Companion Animal CVM
    • Research CVM

*Kaitlyn DeVries CVM Memorial Scholarship

LMU-CVM Student Government Association and the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association with the support of Dean Johnson and LMU-CVM administration have established the Kaitlyn DeVries CVM Memorial Scholarship to ensure DeVries' legacy lives on at the school. Contributions to the scholarship can be made online at Kaitlyn DeVries Memorial Scholarship Donations or by contacting University Advancement at 423.869.6250

Externally Sponsored CVM Scholarship

  • Business Aptitude Award (Awarded by Simmons & Associates)
  • Edwin Robertson Scholarship Fund (Awarded by the AABP Foundation)
  • Powell Valley National Bank Annual Scholarship

General Veterinary Scholarships

There are many non-LMU scholarships available throughout the academic year. Information is listed below for your reference and should not be considered complete. We encourage students to investigate their individual State of residence, Veterinary Industry, professional field of interest, and other topics to seek as many scholarships as possible. The deadlines of these specific scholarships vary, so it is up to the student to adhere to the deadline. These are scholarships that are sponsored by outside groups or organizations (the recipients are not chosen by the Scholarships and Awards Committee).

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for all scholarships in which they meet the minimum requirements. Some of these scholarships can drastically reduce your debt load!

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scholarship_groupFrom left: Drs. Jennifer and Jason Johnson, Dean Glen Hoffsis, Ms. Cynthia Whitt, Dr. Tod Schadler, and Dr. Robert Henry.