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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Calendars

The LMU-MS Program follows both the Undergraduate Calendar and the Professional Schools Calendar (LMU-DCOM and LMU-CVM).

Dress Code

  • For Class
    • Business Casual is preferred, but not mandatory.
    • Please keep in mind that you are taking classes with LMU-DCOM faculty and students.
  • For Lab
    • Scrubs are mandatory, no specific color or pattern
    • Close toed shoes (Use your own judgement on what type)

Mental Health Counseling

LMU Counseling Services are available to help students with personal, career, and academic concerns that affect academic success and quality of life. All services are confidential. During orientation, all counseling services are fully explained to students by both the LMU-MS Office of Admissions and Student Services and LMU Counseling Services.

Graduate Assistantships and Working while in the MS Program

Per page 67 of the LMU Graduate Catalog for the MS Program

  •  The curriculum of the MS at LMU is designed to enhance a student’s academic qualifications. All classes are preparatory coursework for professional school and other post-graduate goals. It is strongly recommended that students are not employed during the duration of the program. This ensures that they will be able to focus 100% upon their studies.


Alma Maters and State Representation
Please click the following link to see all alma maters that have been and are represented in the MS program from 2012-18. (PDF)


LMU-MS Program Office of Admissions

phone: 1.800.325.0900 ext. 6027

email: [email protected]

fax: 423.869.7091


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