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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. John Dascanio

John Dascanio, DVM, joined the faculty of Lincoln Memorial University- College of Veterinary Medicine  in August 2014. Dr. Dascanio’s love for animals started as a child with a small beagle and eventually grew into a whole farm of animals with horses, a cow, chickens, milking goats, and dogs and cats.  Dascanio, a Pennsylvania native, went to work at a horse racetrack at the age of sixteen. It was on that job, working with the track’s veterinarian, that first aspired him to become a veterinarian. His desire to take care of animals continued to grow because of his specific interests in animal culture, dairy medicine and horses. He holds a baccalaureate degree from Penn State University in Animal Bioscience and a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. After Veterinary College, he participated in a residency at Cornell University, where he met his wife Linda, and became board certified in the area of animal reproduction. Dr. Dascanio currently serves as the executive associate dean at the LMU-College of Veterinary Medicine and is a professor of Theriogenology. “I love the friendly small college atmosphere and the ability to know many people across the campus” said Dascanio. 



  1. Do you have a hidden talent? I am a water rat, I was a lifeguard, a windsurfer, a scuba diver and a sailor. My biggest hurdle was swimming 2.5 miles between two Caribbean islands in open ocean.
  2.  If you could be an Olympic athlete, what sport would you compete in? Tennis. I have played tennis since high school and I am always looking for someone new to challenge me.
  3. What is your favorite tradition? Making Kifli cookies at Christmas. My neighbor, who was my second mom, taught me how to make them when I was a kid and I make them every Christmas and always think of her.
  4. Are you a good cook? If so, what is your best dish? Yes. My parents owned a restaurant when I was growing up and I was one of the cooks. Sticky toffee pudding is my best dish, although I make a mean chocolate lava cake. 
  5. Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion? My 1970's wardrobe of denim bellbottoms, silk shirts and platform shoes!







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