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Groups who desire either tours or self-guided tours are welcome. Please call in advance to schedule. Allow approximately one hour for self-guided visit of the galleries. Guided tours can last between one to three hours depending on selected educational activities. Allow time for shopping at the Lincoln General Store.

Scheduling a Tour

To schedule a tour, 423.869.6235. Please have available the name, address and telephone number of the school, the number in the group, grade or age of the group and the preferred day and time that you wish to visit. If you wish to add on additional education activities, please alert the scheduler that you wish to speak with Program Coordinator Natalie Sweet.


All buses should load and unload students in the museum parking lot unless directed to another location.  The buses may then park in the Tex Turner Arena parking lot until it is time to pick up students for departure.


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Lesson Plans

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National History Day

Learn more about the resources, workshops, and guides the Museum can provide to help your class succeed in National History Day.

The Civil War's History in a Box

The Civil War’s History in a Box loan kit project provides an innovative means of teaching Civil War history (social studies), geography, mathematics, art, and language contained in one package of material.  This educational loan kit project involves following a soldier and his unit throughout the war – from initial enlistment until he (or she) is killed in battle, wounded severely enough to be discharged, completely incapacitated due to one or more of the diseases so prevalent during the war or mustered out of service near (or at) the end of the War.

Letters to and from the soldier, his family and friends detail life during wartime – both on the homefront and the battlefront – and outline the difficulties faced on both fronts during the devastating war years.  These letters reveal the reality of war: loneliness, terror, boredom, misery, and homefront devastation.  A selection of letters representative of the soldier’s wartime experiences are included in each soldier’s box and are accompanied by letters from family and/or friends on the homefront. To request a box, please contact Program Coordinator Natalie Sweet at or call 423.869.6235.


The Civil War at Cumberland Gap

The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, in partnership with Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and FamFive Productions, has successfully completed the Educational DVD Project – The Civil War at Cumberland Gap.  The DVD tells the story of three Civil War era individuals: Franklin Jones, an impoverished tenant farmer from near Salyersville in the Eastern Kentucky’s McGoffin County; Jeremiah Dean, a young man from near Gladeville, Wise County in Southwest Virginia, and Samuel, a slave leased by his owner in Greene County, Tennessee, and living and working on property owned by Furney Jones, a well-to-do farmer in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

The video format provided an opportunity to present a reenactment of the past for present-day students and their teachers so they can easily step back into the past and follow the hardships of Civil War soldiers and their families and observe the dangers faced daily in the lives of slaves.  This opportunity to introduce today’s students and teachers to Jeremiah, Franklin, and Samuel provides a distinct connection to our past.  Students and teachers can surmise – this could have happened to a member of my family 150 years ago.

The DVD and either High School or Middle School Lesson Packets are available free of charge for area/regional teachers. Please contact Program Coordinator Natalie Sweet at or call 423.869.6607 to request your copy.



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