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Parents Association Bylaws

Name and Purpose
The name of the organization shall be the J. Frank White Academy Parents Association, hereinafter called: “The Association”. The purpose of The Association is to promote the partnership between parents and the J. Frank White Academy, acting as a forum for communication, school spirit, fundraising and community awareness. The Association does not participate in JFWA policy making. The Association has been loosely in existence since the Academy was founded in 1990.  

Article I-Membership

The membership of The Association shall include any parents or legal guardians of a student attending the J. Frank White Academy. All members are urged to actively participate by attending meetings, by giving of volunteer hours, and/or by donating goods, funds or services during fundraising events.

Article II-Powers and Duties

Section A. Powers and Duties of the Board

  1. The members of The Board shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and the Chairperson of each Committee.
  2. When vacancies occur on The Board, their successors to complete the term shall be appointed by the President with the approval of The Board except that the Vice President who will automatically fill any vacancy in the office of the President.
  3. It shall be the duty of The Board to recommend policies and procedures to The Association, and to interpret and enforce the bylaws of The Association.
  4. The Board shall approve an annual budget for the expenditure of all Association funds and may amend the same.
  5. The Board shall have the power to approve or authorize use of The Associations’ name by individuals or others for fundraising promotion, publicity or other purposes. The Association name shall not be used without Board approval.
  6. The term of office for the officers and chairpersons of the committees shall be from the first of July through the thirtieth of June, and there is no term limit.


Section B. Powers and Duties of Officers

  1. The powers and duties of the President shall be as follows:
  2. To act as spokesperson for The Association.
  3. To preside over all meetings.
  4. To supervise the functions of other officers.
  5. To coordinate the content of the agenda of each meeting.
  6. To maintain communication with, and report to, the Administration.
  7. To appoint special committees.
  8. To appoint committee Chairpersons and fill vacancies as needed.
  9. To serve as an ex-officio member of all standing committees.


  1.  The powers of duties of the Vice President shall be as follows:
  2. To assist and to undertake other duties as assigned by the President.
  3. To assume any or all of the responsibilities of the President in the event the President is unable to do so.
  4. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of the President, the Vice President shall automatically become the President of The Association.
  1. The powers and duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:
  2. To keep files of all Association committee reports and meeting handouts.
  3. To handle correspondence for The Board.
  4. To contribute and maintain an archive of all Parent Association Board files.
  5. To undertake such other duties as are assigned by the President.


  1. The powers and duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:
  2. To receive all monies.
  3. To keep an exact account of all receipts and expenditures of money and all monies on hand.
  4. To give an accurate and current Treasurer’s Report at each Association and Board meeting.
  5. To develop an annual budget in conjunction with Board members, to be presented at the April Board meeting.
  6. To undertake other such fiscal duties as are necessary to fulfill the Treasurer’s responsibilities as are assigned by the President.

Article III-Meetings

                Section A. Meeting of the General Membership

  1. All Association meetings are open to the full membership.

                Section B. Association Meetings

  1. The President shall call and hold monthly meetings of the Association as appropriate and additional meetings as the need arises. 
  2. Votes taken during Association Meetings shall require a simple majority.

Section C. Notice of Meetings

  1. Notice of regular Association meetings shall be posted at least 5 days prior to meeting.

Section D. Quorum Requirements

  1. A quorum for a properly called General Membership meeting shall consist of those present.
  2. A quorum for The Board meetings shall consist of a simple majority of The Board members.

Section E. Board Meetings

  1. The President may call and hold meetings of the Board as appropriate and as the need arises.
  2. Votes taken during Board Meetings shall require a simple majority.

Article IV-Selection of Board Members

                Section A. Nomination of Officers

  1. At the January Association Meeting, members interested in serving as an officer shall be nominated.
  2. Notice of the election and proposed slate of officers shall be distributed via e-mail to all members.
  3. The election will be held at the April meeting.

Section B. Appointment of Committee Chairpersons

In addition to the Officers, The Board is composed of the Chairpersons of the Committees.

Article V-Use of Assets
No part of the activities of The Association shall be carried on to influence legislation or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

No part of the net earnings of The Association shall inure to the benefit of its members, officers or other private persons. In the event that a significant life event occurring to a member(s) of The J. Frank White Academy family, the board may, at its discretion, vote to disburse monies to acknowledge such event.

Faculty will present proposals for student enrichment grants. The Board, chair of the fundraising committee and the Principal will hear and approve such grants. If approved, monies will be disbursed with the Treasurer’s approval, through the Association’s dedicated account.

The total amount for disbursement will be included as a line item in the Annual Budget.

Article VI.-Amendments and By-laws

The by-laws may be amended and/or repealed by a 2/3 vote.

 In accordance with and/or support of the purpose and philosophy of The Association, this Constitution may be amended at any general or special meeting of The Association by a majority vote of the members present at that meeting.

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