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Athletics Philosophy
"Athletics extend and enhance the Academy’s academic mission and objectives by providing students with opportunities to strive for excellence in every aspect of life. Through participation in athletics, students develop time management skills and goal setting abilities, learn how to deal with both success and failure, accept constructive criticism, and to work as a team to achieve one common goal."


Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements to become and maintain eligibility for athletics at JFWA:

  • All students must be cleared by a physician prior to any athletic participation including practices.  Student-athletes must do this every year.  Written clearance must be submitted to the athletic director prior to any participation; students may submit either the written clearance form used by the TSSAA or written clearance on doctor’s letterhead.  Written clearance must be dated on or after May 1 immediately prior to Fall enrollment the same calendar year.
  • Student athletes must pass all subjects taken the previous school year to be initially eligible when school begins for the Fall semester.
  • Student-athletes must meet academic standards required for participation. Students who fall below these standards in any class will be given a two week grace period to achieve required academic standing before being suspended from athletic participation.
  • Transfer students will be immediately eligible, at the high school level, so long as they have met the minimum requirements for acceptance into the J. Frank White Academy.  Students admitted on a provisional basis will have their eligibility determined on a case-by-case basis; the first priority at JFWA is student academic success and such decisions will be made according to whether athletic participation will diminish a student’s ability to be academically successful.
  • Part-time students must be enrolled in at least three classes to be eligible for athletic participation and must meet all other applicable eligibility requirements.
  • Students who have been suspended from school for disciplinary reasons will not be allowed any athletic participation during the period of their suspension. 
  • Students facing other disciplinary actions may face suspension of athletic participation if deemed necessary by school administrators.
  • Students who have been ejected from an athletic contest will be suspended from future athletic contests as follows:  basketball and baseball – two games in addition to the game from which he/she was ejected; soccer and all other sports—one game in addition to the game from which he/she was ejected.  Ejections that occur so late in a season that the two game suspension cannot be served will carry over to the next athletic season in which that student-athlete participates.  If conditions are such that the suspension cannot be served in season and no future participation is anticipated, community service or other actions as determined by school administrators will be enforced. 


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