American Psychological Association

The Lincoln Memorial University School of Business, in partnership with Peregrine Academic Services offers an online, self-paced training session on using APA writing.

The online APA Writing Style training program includes 17 topical sections of the APA style. Each training section includes an overview summary, instructional content and five-20 interactive questions designed to reinforce the instructional content. Both correct and incorrect exams are shown so that students truly learn APA rather than just memorize a few style requirements. Interactive questions must be answered correctly before progressing to the next question. The training course is 100% online. Using the APA manual is optional during the training course. Once purchased, the student has access to the materials for up to one year.

Additionally there are supplemental files on the site that can be downloaded and saved for later reference. These supplemental files show how papers are supposed to be organized and written based on the APA Style requirements.

At the end of the training course, you will complete the APA Writing Style competency exam. The exam includes 50 true/false and multiple choice questions that comver all of the material included with the training course.

These opportunities are reasonably priced, and do not require the purchase of a textbook
APA writing training course and competency test - $36
APA writing competency test only - $8

If interested, please check the FAQ sheet and follow the directions to access the website and complete the registration.

Note: This is a service provided through the Lincoln Memorial University School of Business in partnership with Peregrine Academic Services. While the LMU School of Business may require completion of this material prior to starting our MBA Program as part of a conditional admission decision, completion of any module or series of modules does not result in academic credit.