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Name Title Phone Office Department Email
April Anderson Graduate and Professional Recruiter & Assessment/Accreditation Coordinator 865-531-4152 Cedar Bluff-197 Graduate Business [email protected]
Petra Brnova Assistant Professor of Management Business and Education Bldg.-122 Graduate Business [email protected]
Lisa Cox Assistant Professor of Business 423-869-6722 Business and Education Bldg.-141 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Tyler Francis Assistant Professor of Economics 423-869-6260 Business and Education Bldg.-139 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Aaron Fraustro Administrative Assistant School of Business 423-869-6254 Business and Education Bldg.-105 Graduate Business [email protected]
Sandra Frempong Assistant Professor of Accounting 865-531-4159 Cedar Bluff-198 Graduate Business [email protected]
Cheryl Hild Assistant Professor of Decision Science 865-531-4112 Cedar Bluff-196 Graduate Business [email protected]
Roger Holt Assistant Professor of Management 423-869-6699 Business and Education Bldg.-140 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Julius Ikome Assistant Professor of Accounting 423-869-7471 Business and Education Bldg.-138 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Edmond Lyonga Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program Director and Associate Professor of Business 865-531-4164 Cedar Bluff-162 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
James Maxwell Dean School of Business and Professor of Management 423-869-6298 Business and Education Bldg.-106 Graduate Business [email protected]
Kelsey Metz MBA Program Director, Assistant Professor of Business, & Chair of Graduate Programs 865-531-4144 Cedar Bluff-193 Graduate Business [email protected]
Wanda Morgan Assistant Professor of Marketing 423-869-7067 Business and Education Bldg.-120 Graduate Business [email protected]
Stephanie Mullins Administrative Assistant, MBA Program 865-531-4107 Cedar Bluff-140 Graduate Business [email protected]
Tanya Noah Chair, Undergraduate Programs and Assistant Professor 423-869-7110 Business and Education Bldg.-104 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Sheree Schneider Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems 423-869-6369 Business and Education Bldg.-142 Undergraduate Business [email protected]
Henry Schrader Assistant Professor of Marketing 865-338-6983 Cedar Bluff-194 Graduate Business [email protected]
Joy Williams Recruitment & Student Success Coordinator, School of Busines 423-869-6450 Business and Education Bldg.-BE131 Graduate Business [email protected]