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Master of Science in Psychology (MSP)

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Program Overview

Interested in a graduate degree in psychology with a non-counseling focus? Pave your way to career advancement with the Master of Science (MS) in Psychology online degree from Lincoln Memorial University.  In 16 months or less, you can earn a degree from an accredited school, and be prepared for a variety of employment opportunities. In addition to our General Track, we now offer an additional track in Forensic Psychology.  The former prepares students for a variety of employment opportunities related to the behavioral sciences and/or will position them for entry into a doctoral program in psychology (Ph.D/PsyD). The Forensic Psychology track consists of a combined curriculum across the MSP and MS in Criminal Justice programs. Both tracks allow students to earn a degree within 16 months.

Gain a better understanding of topics ranging from statistical analysis to applied psychology, such as teaching methods, legal and ethical issues, and addiction.  Our program also includes a summer practicum, which will allow you to receive course credit for volunteering at a behavioral science placement of your choice.

Upon completion of the MS in Psychology program, you will be equipped with a skill set that includes the following:

  • Identification of current concerns regarding the status of psychology as a discipline and professional practice
  • A better understanding of key figures, central concerns, and methods that cut across content domains
  • Ability to explain complex behavior by integrating concepts from different content domains
  • Increased understanding and ability to apply statistical methods to answer research questions
  • Recognize and defend against biases (e.g., personal, cultural, cognitive) that might otherwise distort conclusions
  • Employ research and professional interventions, while accounting for individual and cultural diversity and its complexity
  • A better understanding of the legal and ethical challenges in area of concentration
  • Recognize and acknowledge how discrimination and oppression may adversely influence interaction
  • Interact effectively and sensitively with diverse others


What can I do with a Master’s Degree in Psychology?

LMU’s MS degree in Psychology is not a clinical or counseling program, so it will not lead directly to licensure.  Currently, the American Psychological Association only offers accreditation for doctoral, internship and postdoctoral residency programs.  However, our school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  Degrees earned at SACS-accredited schools are recognized by other graduate and post-graduate institutions should you choose to pursue a terminal degree in the field.  Students at SACS-accredited schools are also more likely to qualify for several special benefits, including corporate tuition reimbursement.

Since psychology is such a broad and diverse field of study, enrolling in LMU’s MS Psychology program may provide direct entry to the following professions and domains:

  • Full-time faculty/administrator at a Two-Year College (Junior College)
  • Law Enforcement (increased salary ceiling)
  • Data Analysis/Program Evaluation for School Districts
  • Defense Contractors
  • Marketing Firms
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Employee Training/Human Resources
  • Mental Health Behavioral Technician
  • In addition, you will also be well-positioned for entry into a doctoral program in psychology (Ph.D/PsyD).