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International Travel

JFWA values international travel as an educational and transformative experience to broaden the horizons of our JFWA Knights as they experience new places, new cultures, and gain invaluable global perspectives.

Each year, JFWA strives to provide two international travel opportunities for students in the Upper School and the Senior High School.


international travel 


Spring Break International Travel Program

Each spring break, students in grades 8-12 can opt to travel to destinations in Europe, Central America, or South America. JFWA has developed a longstanding relationship with Education First (EF), an educational travel company who offers comprehensive travel experiences for middle and high school students and their families. These travel experiences include airfare, guided travel and tours, lodging, and a limited number of meals. Previously, JFWA students have traveled to Italy, Peru, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Costa Rica.

World School Forum

Annually, the Kanto International High School (Tokyo, Japan) facilitates the World School Forum as a type of model United Nations forum. The focus of the Forum is to foster international diplomacy and educate students in global policy and affairs through simulating international delegatory negotiations around global issues. In odd number years, the World School Forum is hosted in Japan. In even number years, the World School Forum rotates among the 21 World School member schools. As the member school from the United States, JFWA is afforded the opportunity to select three high school students as the US delegation for World School. The selection process is competitive and requires students to submit an application and give a 10-minute presentation to members of the Upper School and Senior High School faculty/staff.

During their time at the host school, visiting delegations participate in discussions and debates on the current theme, visit cultural sights in the host country, and participate in a home-stay with a host family. Over the years, the World School experience has been transformational for Academy students, allowing them to forge lasting friendships with international students thus giving them greater insight into the broader global community.