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Fine Arts

Fine Arts at JFWA

JFWA places a strong emphasis on the fine arts, and students of all grade levels are provided ample opportunities to explore arts and music. Students in pre-K and the Lower School (K-3rd grade) receive weekly exposure to and lessons in visual art and music. Students in grades 4-8 rotate between music and art classes on a semester-to-semester basis. High school students are required to earn two fine arts credits from among offerings in music, art, creative writing (not offered every year), drama, journalism (based on student interest levels), and yearbook. 

Annually, music students from all grade levels conduct fall and spring concerts, each featuring two performances, a school-wide concert during the school day and an evening performance for friends and family. Every spring semester, select middle school grades put on a Living Wax Museum where students select a figure from history, literature, or pop culture to research and bring to life. This event requires students to combine elements from their visual arts, dramatic arts, history, and English studies as they strive to create a believable and entertaining rendition of the personality they have selected.