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Middle School Athletics


JFWA offers basketball for students in middle school (grades 4-8). The aim of the Academy’s middle school basketball program is to develop skills and knowledge of the game for beginners and experienced players alike. Practices begin early in the fall semester. The competitive season for middle school runs late October to early January.The Academy plays most basketball games in the historic Mars Gym, and the high school teams can expect to play a handful of games in the Tex Turner Arena (varies season to season). Currently, five former Academy players are competing at the collegiate level, and over its history, JFWAs basketball program sent numerous players into the collegiate ranks.

Middle School Boys Basketball Program

We are thrilled to introduce the basketball philosophy that will guide our middle school basketball program. Our approach emphasizes the holistic growth of our scholar-athletes, focusing on fun, teamwork, skill development, character building, and sportsmanship.

Fun and Enjoyment: Our practices and games are designed to create a joyful and engaging experience for every scholar-athlete. We believe that when students have fun, their passion for the game thrives.

Teamwork: Basketball is all about teamwork, and we encourage our scholar-athletes to support and collaborate with one another both on and off the court. Together, we can achieve greatness.

Skill Development: Every scholar-athlete’s growth matters. With personalized attention and targeted drills, we're committed to helping your student develop their basketball skills to their fullest potential.

Character Building: Beyond the court, basketball offers valuable life lessons. We emphasize qualities like discipline, perseverance, and responsibility, molding our scholar-athletes into well-rounded individuals.

Sportsmanship: Respect is a core value. We teach our scholar-athletes to uphold integrity, exhibit good sportsmanship, and foster a culture of fair play.

Middle School Basketball Updates

Interest & Parent Meeting for 2024-2025

Interested in being a part of the JFWA Middle School Boys Basketball program? A Middle School Boys Basketball Interest & Parent Meeting for 2024-2025 will be held:

Thursday, August 8, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM in JFWA Room #G15

Please scan the QR code or click the button below to complete the 2024-2025 JFWA Middle School Boys Basketball Interest Questionnaire:

         2024-2025 Interest Questionnaire                 QR Code for interest form    

Uniform Package Information & Ordering

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2024-2025 Monthly Schedule for JFWA Middle School Boys Basketball

Monthly Schedule



JFWA’s middle school cheerleading program provides opportunities for students in grades 5-8 to learn and grow their abilities in scholastic cheerleading. Try-outs are typically held in April/May for the following school year, and a supplemental try-out is usually held in August for new students. Practices begin over the summer prior to the school year and continue through the conclusion of the middle school basketball season in late December or early January.

Cross Country


JFWA’s middle school cross country program provides competitive opportunities in cross country for students in elementary (grades 4-5) and middle school (grades 6-8). A fall sport, cross country practices begin in August with competitions beginning around Labor Day. The middle school cross country season consists of 5-6 races in the regular season and concludes in October with post-season opportunities to advance to the state championships hosted by Knoxville Youth Athletics.



JFWA offers middle school tennis for grades 5-8. The middle school tennis program combines beginning and developmental tennis instruction with limited match play to give younger students opportunities to grow into the sport. Our emphasis for our middle school tennis players is learning the sport, having fun, and establishing a foundation for future growth and success.