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JFWA Athletics

J.Frank White Academy Athletics

Let's Go Knights!

Athletics at J. Frank White Academy offers students opportunities to grow as individuals and as members of a team working towards common skills development and achievements. Our athletic programs emphasize hard work, commitment to personal improvement, and teamwork. Since its inception, the Academy athletic program has provided student-athletes a variety of avenues for exploring their athletic potential regardless of their prior experience in athletics or in a particular sport.

Foster Teamwork
Foster Teamwork

JFWA Athletics helps Knights value teamwork. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Nurture Skills
Nurture Skills

Student athletes work on vital skill-building in their respective sports and reach their full potential!

Go Knights!
Go Knights!

Fostering school spirit is an important element of JFWA Athletics!

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Sports Offered:

JFWA offers the following sports for student-athletes:

  1. basketball
  2. cheerleading
  3. cross-country
  4. dance
  5. golf
  6. soccer
  7. track and field
  8. tennis

JFWA Athletic Documents

Handbook & Policies

Please make sure to read the JFWA Athletic Handbook.