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Upper School (5-10)

JFWA Upper School (5-10)

The Academy’s Upper School is comprised of grades 5 through 10, and is located in historic Farr-Chinook Hall on the northeastern corner of LMU’s main campus. Formerly the science building for the University, Farr Hall sits on the historic campus quad, and was completely renovated for JFWA in 2013.

Currently, the Farr Hall is the primary home for the Upper School, as well as grade 4, and features state-of-the-art science labs. The Farr Hall also serves as the administrative hub for all of JFWA’s schools and programs.

Upper School: Grades 5-8


The mission statement, philosophy, and objectives for the fifth through eighth grades are generally the same as those for the levels of grades nine through twelve but can be expanded as follows:

The academic program for the middle school component of the Academy is designed to provide preparation for the secondary years at the Academy. Students are given the opportunity to cultivate good study skills and work habits. Writing ability is strongly cultivated throughout the curriculum, as are independent research and projects. Students in the middle school component receive basic instruction in library use and research. They are oriented to the campus and to the programs of the Academy.

Upper School: Grades 9 & 10


For JFWA students in 5th-10th grades, our Upper School provides academically challenging curricula, individualized faculty instruction, state-of-the-art lab experiences, and a wide variety of co-curricular activities. In 9th and 10th grade, students begin learning about navigating the college admissions process, and continue to foster academic habits to help them succeed!

Daily Schedules

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Faculty/Staff Information Page

Visit our faculty/staff information page to learn more about the JFWA Upper School faculty and staff.

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