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Little Moments Build Big Dreams

"We love sending our daughter to JFWA! The intentionality behind the curriculum and classroom means that she is being exposed to the big, wide world of learning.

She gets to experience all that a college campus has to offer, and she also has a wonderful rotation of upper school and college faculty helping her dream big dreams!"

~The Bay Family

Not Just Words...


In life, we as parents try to provide the very best for our children. Eight years ago, we were searching for the best school in our area to send Dalton. After praying for answers, we chose J Frank White Academy. Their educational background was second to none. Now as Dalton’s graduation nears, we have absolutely no doubt that J Frank White Academy was the best and right choice for our son. We can’t stress enough how his teachers and the administrators went well above and beyond to provide the best education in a safe environment for Dalton. In 2020, Dalton was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was a very hard and challenging time for our family. When J Frank White found out about Dalton’s diagnosis, they wasted no time in letting us know that the school was there for us. They would do anything possible to help Dalton continue his education while going through treatment. Those were not just words, they meant it. J Frank White Academy has been such a wonderful experience, not only for Dalton, but our entire family. We would encourage everyone to send their children to this school.

David, Amanda and Dalton Brown

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Was sending our boys to J Frank White Academy a good decision?  Yes!  They started at JFWA in the fifth grade and are now in high school. We couldn't be happier with their academic performance.  With the academy's small class sizes and nurturing teachers and staff, our boys have flourished.  Everyone knows their names . Students here are not just a number and never get lost or forgotten in a crowd.  There are plenty of extracurricular activities as well.  The many sports that are offered afford everyone a chance to play and excel on one or multiple teams. Music and art are also offered. We highly recommend JFWA for anyone looking for a welcoming environment where their child/children can receive an excellent education and enjoy a wonderful experience. ~Bill Kobus, parent of 10th graders