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Spring 2024 Schedule:


spring 2024 schedule

Fall 2023 Schedule:


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Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) professional staff will be offering sports-related instruction for J. Frank White Academy (JFWA) PreK-5 students in a weekly afterschool format according to the posted schedules (see above). 

Who: JFWA PreK- 5th grade students

What: Sport-stravaganza will be offered weekly from 3:00 -4:30 pm and will provide game play instruction prioritizing co-curricular fun, promotion of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, introduction of sport-related fundamentals, and exposure to an array of activities to help students identify interests and affinity groups.

Cost: FREE!

When: After school on the listed dates (see schedule)

JFWA athletics team

Sports Instruction Information

Sport-stravaganza instruction will include:

Basketball, flag football (non-contact), wiffle ball, tee ball, soccer, Frisbee golf, kickball, the floor is lava, corn hole, freeze tag, hide and seek, sardines, duck, duck, goose; silent ball, four-square, shark & minnows, red light, green light; track & field (age-appropriate); golf (age-appropriate), tennis (age-appropriate), and volleyball (age-appropriate).