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LMU Law prepares students for a broad range of traditional and non-traditional career paths. We are committed to producing alumni who can help their clients and communities address problems that intersect with the legal system. Our highly structured program is complemented by externships and internships, pro bono requirements, professionalism events, and other student-centered activities that enrich the law school experience and produce well-rounded lawyers who are mindful of their leadership position within society.

At LMU Law, you will be more than just a student. You will be invited to embark on an experience that will prepare you for a career that is both successful and fulfilling. Our curriculum aims to help students become skilled, responsible, and ethical lawyers capable of meeting the demands of an increasingly complex legal system. Our curriculum offers an optimal mix of traditional legal education and innovative teaching methods that helps students develop their knowledge of substantive law as well as their abilities in critical thinking and problem-solving.

Program Details

Students enrolled in LMU Law's J.D. Program must successfully complete 90 credit hours. The program of legal education includes 62 credit hours of required courses and 28 hours of elective courses. The elective offerings include three categories of courses: (1) traditional doctrinal subjects such as Employment Law, Federal Income Tax, Immigration Law, and Intellectual Property; (2) courses to fulfill the upper-level writing requirement, such as Human Trafficking, Federal Criminal Law, and First Amendment; and (3) courses to fulfill the six-credit experiential learning requirement, which take the form of either simulation classes like Trial Advocacy, Negotiation, and Law Office Management or the Externship course, in which students obtain substantial lawyering experience under the supervision of a practicing attorney in the field.

Students may complete their degree requirements on either a full-time or part-time/hybrid basis. Changing from full-time to part-time/hybrid is not possible, but changing from the part-time/hybrid program to the full-time program is possible subject to academic qualification and administrative approval. Both courses of study follow a prescribed schedule. Certain required and elective courses may also be offered during the summer term. No student may enroll in coursework during any academic term that, if successfully completed, would exceed 18 credit hours.


LMU Law grades full-time and part-time students using the traditional four-point system. For example, a "D" converts to one point and an "A" to four points. Both full-time and part-time students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.000 to remain in good standing academically. In required courses, grade curves are administered in accordance with the law school's grading policy.