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Bar Preparation

Passing the bar exam is the final step to becoming a licensed attorney. And Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law will be there every step of the way.

LMU Law puts its students in the best position to pass the bar exam on the first attempt in whatever jurisdiction they choose.

Since the time when LMU Law’s inaugural class sat for the bar exam and achieved an 81 percent first-time bar passage rate, bar passage has been a priority for the law school. LMU Law is a national leader in preparing its students and graduates for the bar exam in Tennessee and around the country.

Previously recognized as having the best bar preparation program among all law schools by National Jurist magazine, LMU Law has maintained a robust and integrated bar preparation program that begins during law school and continues after graduation.

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Since 2012, LMU Law has partnered with BARBRI Inc., the country's largest and most respected provider of law school and bar review courses, to provide academic support and bar exam-related workshops, programs, materials, resources, and diagnostic assessments to every student throughout law school—all for free.

Assistance continues after graduation, too. LMU Law ensures that each graduate has the resources they need to succeed on the bar exam, again, without the added financial pressure associated with a bar exam review course.

Upon graduation, all LMU Law students receive free access to the full BARBRI Bar Review course, available for all 50 states.  

All graduates also get access to the LMU Law’s Supplemental Bar Prep Program, a free, post-graduation bar preparation course in partnership with the BARBRI Bar Review course. LMU Law’s Supplemental Bar Prep Program includes individualized monitoring of their bar preparation progress, one-on-one advising and coaching, additional essay and performance test review and feedback, specialized workshops and resources, and social and wellness activities, like coffee and ice cream, and walks throughout the months leading up to the July and February bar exams.



To help students prepare for the bar examination, regardless of the jurisdiction in which they intend to take the exam, LMU Law offers two bar preparation courses in the fall and one in the spring. These courses are not a substitute for commercial bar review courses, but rather provide students with a head start to ensure readiness for the bar exam.



Multistate Essay Exam Skills I (third year, first semester) 

Multistate Essay Exam Skills I is a required three-credit, skills-development course that provides students with an intensive substantive review of selected legal material routinely tested on the Multistate Essay Examination portion of the Uniform Bar Exam. Essay subjects reviewed in this course include Agency, Partnership, and Conflict of Laws. This course also provides students with an intensive review of the Multistate Performance Test, which is a significant portion of the UBE. Students receive instruction on proper formatting and organization as well as opportunities to practice writing exams under simulated bar-exam conditions.

Multistate Bar Exam Skills (third year, second semester)

This course is designed to improve students’ legal analysis and study skills in preparation for taking the bar examination. It will assist with developing and practicing test-taking strategies and skills. It will also provide a familiarity with the methodology of the exam. Multiple-choice strategies and practice exams will be covered. The focus of the course is on subjects covered on the multiple-choice Multistate Bar Examination. Students also will have the opportunity to draft and receive feedback on essay answers pertaining to these subjects, which may also appear on the Uniform Bar Exam.



Multistate Essay Exam Skills II (third year, second semester) 

In addition to the two required courses, students also have the option of further improving their essay-writing skills by enrolling in this three-credit elective in the spring, which is structured similarly to Multistate Essay Exam Skills I in the fall and focuses on Corporations, Family Law, Secured Transactions, and Trusts and Estates.

By taking all three bar preparation courses at LMU Law, students will have a significant jumpstart on every component of the Uniform Bar Exam or the bar exam in the state of their choosing.


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