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To inquire about this program please contact:

Dr. Steven Cowan l 423.869.62220 l [email protected]

LMU's Philosophy Minor will lead you on a journey of discovery concerning life's most important and fundamental questions: Does God exist? What is the meaning of life? Do we have free will? Can we have knowledge? What is morally right and wrong? These and many other questions have occupied the greatest minds in history, including the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle depicted in the center of Raphael's The School of Athens (above). Through studying the history of philosophical ideas and wrestling with the great questions of the ages, the student who minors in Philosophy will sharpen his or her critical thinking and communication skills, and hone the moral and intellectual virtues necessary for being an effective citizen of the world.

To complete a minor in Philsophy, students take the following courses:

PHIL 200 Intro to Philosophy 3

PHIL 210 Logic & Critical Thinking 3

PHIL 311 Ancient & Medieval Philosophy 3

PHIL 312 Modern & Contemporary Philosophy 3

And choose one of the following:

PHIL 330 Ethics 3

PHIL 340 Philosophy of Religion 3

PHIL 395/495 Special Topics 3