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The mission of the Lincoln Memorial University-College of Dental Medicine is to develop competent oral health care providers who are committed to the premise that the cornerstone of meaningful existence is service to humanity.
The Mission of LMU-CDM is achieved by:
  • Graduating competent Doctors of Medicine in Dentistry.
  • Providing a values-based learning community as the context for teaching, research, patient care, and service.
  • Improving the oral and general health of the people within the Appalachian region and beyond.
  • Focusing on enhanced access to comprehensive oral health care for underserved communities.
  • Investing in quality academic programs supported by superior faculty and technology.
  • Embracing compassionate, patient-centered and person-centered oral health care that values diversity, public service, and leadership as an enduring commitment to professionalism and the highest ethical standards.
  • Facilitating the growth, development, and maintenance of graduate dental education.


By 2030, Lincoln Memorial University-College of Dental Medicine be recognized as national and international leaders in

Providing dental education for the 21st Century student through curriculum innovation and advanced technology.
Providing seamless, integrated, clinically based, patient-centered and person-centered education, founded in preventive health and evidence-based science.

The Mission of the College of Dental Medicine is fulfilled through the achievement of four general goals supported by specific objectives for measuring achievement, which is addressed annually. These goals are supported by strategies and assessments and serve as a priority for the College of Dental Medicine’s long-range strategic planning.


To achieve the Mission of the Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry program, the faculty and students engage in an active educational process with a variety of learning experiences. They collaborate in scholarly and service activities within a curriculum designed so that upon completion of the program, the following Goals will be achieved:
  •   Teaching Excellence
    Provide predoctoral and postdoctoral students with a quality education that integrates evidence-based knowledge and skills in the oral health and clinical sciences, biomedical, and behavioral sciences necessary to become competent practitioners.
  •   Research
    Provide an environment that promotes and supports research and scholarly activity in education
    and oral health care.
  •   Patient-Centered Care
    Provide high quality, comprehensive, evidence-based, patient-centered care for our patients while improving access to oral health care in the region through the practice of our graduates.
  •   Service
    Address the oral health needs and improve access to oral healthcare in the region through continuing dental education and community service efforts.