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Master of Science in Forensic Dentistry

Forensic dentistry is a fundamental discipline within the forensic sciences answering all medico-legal questions involving dentition and maxillofacial structures. The two-year master’s program curriculum is designed to provide dentists interested in forensics with the education, training and experience required to clinically perform and produce expert opinions in cases involving single, multiple and mass disaster dental identification in the medical examiner's office; assess dental age; recognize human abuse and patterned injury in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines of the American Board of Forensic Odontology. Graduates will be prepared to pursue national and international forensics careers. Tuition is $12,600 per semester. The program matriculates in August of each year. 

Lincoln Memorial University is partnering with the Knox County Regional Forensic Center (RFC) as a part of the educational experience and training. Students will learn how anthropologist recovers and analyzes decomposed and skeletal remains in clandestine and crime scene situations. Special training includes the discovery and archaeological excavation of skeletal and dental remains followed by laboratory interpretation of perimortem ballistic, blunt and sharp-force injury. As part of the program, students, under the guidance of the Division of Forensic Dentistry faculty and staff, will provide comprehensive dental and anthropological services to the Knox County Medical Examiner’s Office as well as to outside individuals, organizations, and agencies. 

The master’s degree in Forensic Dentistry is research focused, educating the forensic dentist in qualitative and quantitative research protocols and design methodology. The goal of the program is to produce valuable forensic research both independently and in collaboration with other educational and research institutions.

The degree is awarded by Lincoln Memorial University upon fulfilling the program requirements, completion of research, production and acceptance of a thesis, and successful defense of the independent research effort.



Program Goals


36 semester hours