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Fellowship in Forensic Dentistry

Fellowship in Forensic Dentistry

Forensic dentistry is a fundamental part of the forensic science in answering medico-legal questions involving the dentition and maxillofacial structures. Lincoln Memorial University, College of Dental Medicine’s Fellowship in Forensic Dentistry is a fifteen (15) month program that meets in person approximately once a month over a three-day weekend beginning in January of each year; and, provides extensive didactic, computer and morgue-based "hands-on" education training and experience in all aspects of forensic dentistry. Applicants for this Fellowship must have a DDS, DMD or equivalent degree.

The LMU Fellowship in Forensic Dentistry educational program provides studies, training and hands-on experience in the areas of forensic dental identification; disaster victim identification; recognition of human abuse; forensic dental age assessment; human abuse recognition; bitemark (patterned injury) recognition, analysis and comparison; expert jurisprudence and testimony; forensic report writing; and, an introduction to forensic anthropology, entomology, the human biologic profile, crime scene dynamics and clandestine grave recovery of human remains. The Program partners with the Knox County Regional Forensic Center to provide Fellowship students with casework and morgue experience in a supervised environment.

Completion of this program will provide the dentist the educational background to pursue a forensic dentistry career assisting their local communities, jurisdictions and forensic laboratories. It is specifically designed to meet the educational requirement and prepare individuals interested in seeking board certification by the American Board of Forensic Odontology (ABFO).

Certificate Program

A “Certificate of Completion” and “Letter of Continuing Education Hours Awarded; Forensic Dentistry Fellowship" will be issued by the Lincoln Memorial University, College of Dentistry, Department of Forensic Dentistry detailing the modules attended and number of continuing dental education hours awarded. No academic degree is awarded. Successful completion of this Fellowship should meet the educational requirement for membership in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), Odontology Section and the educational requirement for application to the American Board of Forensic Odontology (ABFO). 

The Continuing Education Fee for the Fellowship in Forensic Dentistry Program is $18,750.00. 

  •   Learning Objectives

    Learning objectives are created in accordance with the published American Board of Forensic Odontology educational criteria for board certification.

    • Discuss scope and history of forensic dentistry.
    • Develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills in order to form an unbiased judgement or opinion based upon intellectual reasoning and truth.
    • Discuss and demonstrate forensic dentistry foundational skills.
    • Discuss and demonstrate knowledge of cranial and maxillofacial anatomy and pathology, and forensic anthropology.
    • Discuss and demonstrate professional, ethical and legal responsibilities of the forensic dentist.
    • Demonstrate the use of forensic lab equipment and instruments.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of forensic protocols in evidence gathering, chain of custody, documentation and maintenance.
    • Observing human autopsies and demonstrating knowledge of medical examiner office protocols.
    • Demonstrate the application of human craniofacial identification using traditional and advanced postmortem and antemortem procedures and charting systems.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of mass disaster management and participate in mass disaster exercise.
    • Demonstrate understanding and utilization of WinID software for disaster victim identification.
    • Demonstrate dental and selected anthropologic age assessment techniques on the living and deceased.
    • Discuss and demonstrate knowledge and use of forensic radiography and photography.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the collection of pattern evidence, patterned injury and bitemark evidence recognition, analysis, comparison and linkage terms to line-up suspects.
    • Discuss and demonstrate knowledge of civil litigation case procedures; and, develop expert testimony and deposition skills.
    • Participate in pre-trial conference and mock trial expert testimony
    • Discuss and demonstrate recognition and characteristics of human abuse.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of forensic anthropology and forensic archeology.
    • Participate in field excavation and surface recovery of human remains.
    • Develop and demonstrate forensic report writing skills.
    • Apply ABFO Standards/Guidelines/Policies to forensic casework.
    • Discuss forensic professionalism and ethics.
  •   Faculty

    James M. Lewis DMD, D-ABFO

    Murray K. Marks PhD, D-ABFA

    Thomas J. David DDS, D-ABFO

    Peter W. Loomis DDS, D-ABFO

    Holland Maness DMD, D-ABFO

How to Apply

Applications for the Forensic Dentistry Fellowship will be accepted during the annual open application period (August 15th - October 14th). Applications are not considered complete until dental school transcripts, personal CV, and letter of recommendation are received by Lincoln Memorial University. All Applicants will be required to complete a background check.

For more information about the Forensic Dentistry Fellowship, please contact Martha Gale at

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