Faculty & Staff

Name Title Phone Office Department Email
Arlene AmaranteAssistant Professor of Law865.545.5321Duncan School of Law 315Law School[email protected]
Philip AshleyAssociate Professor of Law865.545.5309Duncan School of Law 314Law School[email protected]
Maha AyeshDirector of Experiential Learning and Asst Professor of Law865.545.5322Duncan School of Law 316Law School[email protected]
Kathy BaughmanAssistant for Academic Affairs865.545.5301Duncan School of Law 230Law School[email protected]
Sydney BeckmanProfessor of Law865.545.5302Duncan School of Law 317Law School[email protected]
Bruce BeverlyProfessor of Law865.545.5316Duncan School of Law 217Law School[email protected]
Hesper CappsFaculty Assistant, Knoxville - Duncan School of Law865.545.5345Duncan School of Law 244Law School[email protected]
Patricia CarrollAdmissions Coordinator & Financial Aid Liaison - Duncan School of Law865.545.5304Duncan School of Law 111Law School[email protected]
Mohamed FaizerProfessor of Law865.545.5315Duncan School of Law 335Law School[email protected]
Andrew FelsVisiting Assistant Professor of Law865.545.5330Duncan School of Law 241Law School[email protected]
William GillProfessor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs865.545.5312Duncan School of Law 231Law School[email protected]
April HurleyFaculty Assistant865.545.5339Duncan School of Law 332Law School[email protected]
April JamesProfessor of Law865.545.5319Duncan School of Law 222Law School[email protected]
Katie JonesDirector of Academic Success & Assessment and Assistant Professor of Law865.545.5341Duncan School of Law 240Law School[email protected]
Vonda LaughlinAssociate Professor of Laws, Director of Bar Services865.545.5344Duncan School of Law 221Law School[email protected]
Jennifer Levy-TatumAssistant Professor of Law865.545.5346Duncan School of Law 313Law School[email protected]
Ann LongHead of Research and Digital Collections Librarian and Assistant Professor of Law865.545.5306Duncan School of Law 336Law School[email protected]
Randy LunsfordFaculty Assistant, DSOL865.545.6751Duncan School of Law 216Law School[email protected]
Matthew LyonVice President and Dean, Duncan School of Law865.545.5318Duncan School of Law 225Law School[email protected]
Randall MathewsAssociate Dean for Enrollment Services865.545.5303Duncan School of Law 113Law School[email protected]
Andrew McReeAssistant Dean for Student and Career Services, Duncan School of Law865.545.5335Duncan School of Law 243Law School[email protected]
Melanie ReidAssociate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Law865.545.5314Duncan School of Law 333Law School[email protected]
Gordon RussellAssociate Dean, Professor of Law and Director, School of Law Library865.545.5305Duncan School of Law 320Law School[email protected]
Tommy SangchompuphenAssociate Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Student Learning865.545.5326Duncan School of Law 239Law School[email protected]
Jason SmithAssistant Professor of Law865.545.5342Duncan School of Law 312Law School[email protected]
Allison Starnes-AngleaDirector of Career Services & Recruiting865.545.5329Duncan School of Law 242Law School[email protected]
Melissa VankirkAdministrative Assistant, Duncan School of Law865.545.5337Duncan School of Law 226Law School[email protected]
Bianca WhiteStudent Services and Assessment Librarian & Assistant Professor of Law865.545.5343Duncan School of Law 119Law School[email protected]