Lincoln Memorial University

Scholarly Activity

Maxwell, J. & Schneider, S. (2018) Managing the risk: Balancing innovative technology with information security. Manuscript in preparation. 

Sparks, B. H. (2018). The effect of leadership styles on innovative work behavior and the role of locus of control in the manufacturing environment.   Sent to Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) journal for peer-review on July 10, 2018.  Edits requested and resubmitted 10/22/18.

Schneider, S. (2018). How do entrepreneurs differ from founders: Or do they? Manuscript in preparation.

Elboeva, O. (2018).  Fertility in the wake of better schools.  Manuscript in preparation.

Elboeva, O. (2018).  Medical marijuana laws and youth marijuana consumption intensity. Manuscript in preparation.

Elboeva, O. (2018).  Profits and Price Discrimination:  the Case in Ocean Industry.  Manuscript in preparation.


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