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World School Committee

 World School Organizers
  Dr. B. James Dawson,
  LMU President, Chair
  Dr. Gary J. Burchett,
  LMU President-emeritus,

  World School Core Team
  Ms. Evelyn Smith, Coordinator
  Ms. JoAnn Russell, Co-Coordinator
  Dr. Julie Longmire
  Mr. Jarryd Boster
  Ms. Sue England
  Ms. Kristin Wells

  Event Chairs
  Ms. Regina Burns
  Dr. Karen Carter
  Mr. Larry Carter
  Ms. Lisa Blair Cox
  Ms. Bebe DeBord
  Ms. Kelsey Edwards
  Ms. Sue England
  Ms. Michelle Ganz
  Ms. Cindy Hankins-Koppel
  Harrogate Garden Club
  Ms. Nikki Harville
  Ms. Kayla Huber
  Ms. Cindy Husk
  Ms. Jessica Ingle
  Mr. Thomas Mackie
  Mr. Jason McConnell
  Ms. Allison Moon
  Mr. Mayur Patel
  Ms. Kate Reagan
  Ms. Delaina Rhodes
  Ms. Martha Scheidler
  Mr. Bill Sowders
  Mr. Steven Wilson
  Ms. Okie Wolfe















The World School was initiated in 1997 by Masaki Matsudaira, the former Chairman and present advisor to the board of trustees of Kanto International School which is located in Tokyo, Japan. The aim of the World School is to create a truly borderless entity that will bring together high school students and teachers from all areas of the world, for the purpose of helping students to adopt a global perspective, through accepting international standards. In this way we hope to prepare the students of the World School to excel in international society, which we believe will gain prominence in the new millennium.

“Where We Stand As One”
A rapid growth of technology has created a world where we must reach past our immediate cultural boundaries and behavioral patterns to include a set of standards that can help us to function in multiple cultural settings and in inter-disciplinary fields. To succeed in an international community means that we must continually stay tuned to standards that are created, be a part of the creation process itself by demonstrating the ability to voice our own set of values in an international context and to incorporate the knowledge we gain by making what we learn about the world, a part of ourselves and a part of our lives. As international citizens we must learn all we can about the world by creating a network of friendships that constantly broaden our perspectives, and to adopt the attitude that as responsible globally minded leaders of our future, together all things are possible.

Since 1997 we have been inviting students from schools all over the world to visit us annually as representatives of their countries in an international forum which has received the moral support of the Ministries of Education and the Embassies of represented countries.

One member school per country or region is chosen as a representative of the World School. Each year the member school sends three students and one teacher to a World School International Forum which is held during the end of October to the beginning of November. Participants are only responsible to cover the costs of transportation from their home country to the World School host city. The remaining fees are covered by the host school. We hope that this may lead to exchange programs and increase the opportunities for students to join those from many different countries, deepen international awareness and become ambassadors of peace and friendship.