Lincoln General Store

The Lincoln General Store

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Whether you are visiting the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum as a child on a school field trip, traveling with a motor coach group, or simply one of those that pass by the Museum everyday thinking, “One day I’ll stop in,” the Lincoln General Store has something for you. Offering replica soldier items such as canteens, haversacks, caps, and tin cups, children will be transported to the battlefields of the Civil War. There is also a 19th century game table for guests to try out period games like checkers, pick-up sticks, and cup and bails.


The Lincoln General Store also carries a wide variety of books for young and old alike on Lincoln, the Civil War, the Underground Railroad, emancipation, and several other related subjects. Other items featured in the store are souvenir items (such as mugs, shot glasses, postcards, magnets, etc.); other replica items (bonnets, period toys, reproduction documents, quill pen and ink sets, etc.); a collection of CDs, DVDs, posters and prints; and an assortment of other items.


So whether you’re just driving by or planning your next road trip, take the time to spend a moment in The Lincoln General Store.