Museum Staff

Thomas Mackie

Tom Mackie, director of the Abraham Lincoln Museum at Lincoln Memorial University, is presently completing work on his PhD from Western Michigan University in U.S. history with a concentration in public history. He holds master's degrees from Eastern Michigan University in geography/historic preservation, and from Muskingum College in teaching. His BA in history is from Spring Arbor College.

Mr. Mackie is a long-term veteran in the history field both in conventional education and in museums.  He began working in 1981 as an intern at the Governor Moses Wisner home in Pontiac, Michigan.  Before coming to Lincoln Memorial University, he served for 25 years as a tour guide, education manager, curator and executive director at museums and historic sites in Michigan, Ohio, New York and Virginia.  He has also taught history and geography at high school, community college and university levels.

Mr. Mackie’s current research considers the commemoration and interpretation of Lincoln through exhibitions and other museum programs.  His background in early U.S. history and historical geography strongly influences his research perspective.  Other research interests have led to publications in areas of inland river navigation, poor care, and vernacular architecture.

Steven WilsonSteven M. Wilson
Curator and Assistant Director of the Museum

Wilson received the Master of Arts in historic preservation from the University of Tennessee. Mr. Wilson oversees all exhibits for the museum and speaks regularly to various civic, community and senior citizen groups about Lincoln's life and the Civil War era. As an instructor of history he teaches Introduction to Lincoln, Lincoln and Leadership and museum study courses. Wilson's first historical novel, Voyage of the Gray Wolves, was followed by Between the Hunters and the Hunted and Armada, all World War II action-adventure books. Wilson’s next series, set during the Civil War, was President Lincoln's Spy, and its sequel, President Lincoln’s Secret.  Wilson is nearing completion on a Theodore Roosevelt mystery and its sequel.

Steven WilsonCarol Campbell
Director of Programs and Tourism

Carol received the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Education from Lincoln Memorial University.  She also serves as the education coordinator for the ALLM.  Contact her for information on any programs the Museum offers.

Steven WilsonMichelle Ganz
Archivist and Special Collections Librarian


Michelle Ganz is the archivist and special collections librarian at the Carnegie-Vincent Library and the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum. She comes to LMU from the University of Arizona where she completed her Master of Library Science. Michelle completed her undergraduate degree at the Ohio State University, receiving a BA in literature. Her undergraduate studies focused on medieval literature and late 19th century British and American poetry.

Steven WilsonBarbara Garman
Administrative Assistant/Business Manager for Lincoln Herald

Barbara received her BA in business from Lourdes College in Ohio. Her responsibilities include providing support for the Museum staff, overseeing the daily operations of the Museum, and serves as manager of the Lincoln General Store.

Steven WilsonKathy Human
Security Guard





Jean Hendricks
Volunteer Assistant. Archivist and Registrar