Following Bernhardt Wall : A Pictorial Biography of the Etcher of Books
Three Warriors on Lincoln's Birthday, An Etched Book
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Bernhardt Wall
What is an etched book?

Bernhardt Wall was known as the Etcher of Books. But what does that mean?

Bernhardt Wall was an etcher, but his books were not merely normal books with pictures of his etchings inside. They are called "etched books" because every page, including the text, is made from an etched plate.

Displayed here are the first few pages of Wall's etched book "The Three Warriors on Lincoln's Birthday." He would etch the plates and then hand—print every page and bind the books himself. A printing press was not used. And he had to etch the entire text backwards so the mirror image would print!

While there are other artists famous for their etchings, such as Rembrandt and Whistler, Bernhardt Wall's work is unique because of the novelty of the fully—etched book, and the time and effort it took to make every single one himself. To put it in perspective, Wall made 100 copies of the first edition of "Three Warriors on Lincoln's Birthday."
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