Dr. Harry Wood Channels Abraham Lincoln : Lincoln's Influence After Death
Abraham Lincoln's letter to Gutzon Borglum
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letter from Lincoln
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Gutzon Borglum sculpted the four Presidents at Mr. Rushmore, South Dakota, a project that lasted between 1927 and 1941, the year of Borglum's death. The presidents depicted are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.

In Lincoln's letter to Borglum he complains of a condition quite common among busts of historical figures, and probably very contagious (like yawning) among those busts who reside in close proximity.

Lincoln's letter inspired Dr. Wood to create a sketch to further illustrate the issue.
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Harry Wood sketchHarry Wood sketch
Borglum letter page 1Borglum letter page 1
Borglum letter page 2Borglum letter page 2
Gutzon Borglum photoGutzon Borglum photo
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