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Honors Program

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The Honors Council makes recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding criteria for honors courses, approves specific honors courses and faculty to teach these courses.

General Criteria for Honors Courses

  • Analysis
  • Integration
  • Critical Reading
  • Documentation and attribution excellence for source materials
  • Relevant and current application of knowledge and analysis
  • Evidence of learning approach(es) such as debate, presentations, instructional travel
  • Service/experiential learning
Note: Each course is expected to meet many of the above objectives but not every item above. courses are expected to be designed appropriately for the academic level.

General Criteria for Faculty Teaching Honors Courses

  • Proven ability to provide intellectual leadership and  mentoring of students in and out of the classroom
  • Support for the overall mission and objectives of the Honors Scholars Program
  • Understanding of the differential educational approach of honors courses
  • Exceptional teaching skills which include fostering inclusive discussion, thoughtful learning activities, selection of relevant and current readings, use of scholarly documentation and attribution, meaningful assessment instruments, and timely feedback to students
  • Proven excellence in the classroom, demonstrated by:
    • classroom observations
    • peer evaluation
    • incorporating feedback for best teaching practices

Honors Course Offerings by Term

Fall 2011 Spring 2013 Fall 2013 Spring 2014

BIOL 111

BIOL 112

BIOL 111

BIOL 112

CHEM 111

CHEM 112

CHEM 111

CHEM 112

PSY 100

PHIL 100

HIST 121

HIST 122

In addition to honors classes such as those listed above, any class may be taken for honors credit by going through the procedure to have it qualify as an honor contract course. However, only students in the Honors Program have this option available to them.

Benefits of the Honors Classroom

Participating in honors classes, for faculty as well as students, provides the opportunity to explore subject matter more deeply because everyone in the room has demonstrated the desire to work harder. By being in an honors classroom, students and faculty alike indicate the willingness to do more than what is merely required because they enjoy the challenge. If you are reading this, you are likely the kind of person who would enjoy the benefits of the honors classroom. As such, the criteria for teaching or taking an honors course won’t seem daunting to you since living up to such standards is likely to be the way you conduct yourself anyway.

Application to Take an Honors Contract Course
Guidelines for Faculty Applying to Teach an Honors Contract Course