Distinguished Alumni

Thomas Bohannon

Thomas Bohannon completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration in only three years and graduated cum laude.  He was an eager student, especially under the able tutelage of Mr. Roy Floyd. 

After his graduation from LMU, he joined Eastman Kodak in Kingsport, Tennessee, and true to his nature, participated in a management training program, working in a variety of departments and learning all aspects of the operation.  He left Eastman Kodak and returned to Orlando in 1971 where he joined Epoch Properties.  After he achieved general partner status, he opened multiple regional offices and expanded operations for Epoch throughout the southern United States.  His success began with his willingness to “sling a hammer,” and his innate desire to achieve his goals the old fashioned way:  through hard work.

In 1980, Tom founded Bohannon Development Corporation in El Paso, Texas.  Since its founding the company has flourished under Tom’s leadership, and he has been involved in the development, capital acquisition, construction management and ownership of over 12,000 apartments in the Southern United States, in addition to single-family homes, condominiums and office buildings.

The facts about Tom Bohannon’s professional accomplishments speak for themselves, and there is no doubt that he has enjoyed a remarkable career.  It is the way he has done it, however, that truly sets him apart.  By all accounts he is, and always has been, an honest, hard-working, goal-oriented man who would never accept any measure of his success at the cost of his character.