Tuition Exchange Scholarship Programs

As an employee benefit, Lincoln Memorial University offers fulltime employees, their dependents and spouses the ability to participate in Tuition Exchange Scholarship programs.  Unlike the Tuition Remission program offered through LMU, Tuition Exchange is not a guaranteed paid tuition plan.  Tuition Exchange are scholarship programs. The programs allow full time Employees, their Dependents and their spouses the opportunity to apply to other schools within the programs, be considered and compete as an applicant for a Tuition Exchange Scholarship.

To participate in the program, an employee must complete a LMU Tuition Exchange Scholarship Application, signed by their Dept Head or Supervisor, to the LMU Tuition Exchange Liaison in the LMU Financial Aid Office. LMU Tuition Exchange Liaison will insure the LMU employee eligibility to participate, process and submit the scholarship application on the behalf of the applicant but it is the employee or applicant’s responsibility to do all follow up with each school they are applying to, understand the criteria and deadlines by which that college will consider their Tuition Exchange Scholarship application. 

LMU participates in two separate Tuition Exchange Scholarship Programs:

Council of Independent Colleges (CIC ) Tuition Exchange- (

LMU employees have the ability to apply to any of the member schools on the list.  The CIC program does allow for some Graduate degree Exchanges as determined by the individual school.

Each College decides their own criteria for awarding CIC scholarships each year.  Each school must accept 3 new applicants each year but can accept more if the school is inclined.  Lincoln Memorial University accepts three (3 ) new students each year from all applications.  Criteria for CIC scholarship selection to LMU will include program for which the applicant is applying (undergraduate applicants will be given first priority), the date of the Scholarship application and GPA and Test scores.

Tuition Exchange (TE) (

This program is available for Undergraduate study only.  LMU currently is a member of the TE COOP program which allows LMU the ability to send LMU scholarship applications to other colleges and universities within the COOP program.  If a college is a member of TE but is not included in the TE Coop Program, LMU does not have the ability to participate in the scholarship program with that College.  LMU is seeking to upgrade this in the future.

Each college under the TE program decides their own criteria for awarding TE Scholarships each year. There is no minimum or maximum number of scholarships set by the TE program therefore a participating school could award as little as one scholarship or even none in a given year.  Lincoln Memorial University has not set a yearly limit on the number of awards given.  Criteria for TE Scholarship selection to LMU will include program for which the applicant is applying, the date of the Scholarship application and GPA and Test scores.

Click here for the required LMU Tuition Exchange Form.