Graduate Assistantship

How to Apply

Before applying for a graduate assistantship, an applicant must have applied for enrollment in a graduate program. All requirements for admission to degree candidacy must be completed before a graduate assistantship position can be awarded.
  • Complete the online application.

  • Submit two character reference letters (non-relative). Letters must be signed by the person providing the reference or be sent to from the person’s email address.
Lincoln Memorial University, Duke 201
Attn: Graduate Assistantship Program
6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway
Harrogate, TN 37752


Graduate assistantship applications should be submitted by the following dates:

Full Academic Year July 15
Spring November 15
Summer April15

Steps after Applying

Academic or University departments seeking graduate assistants will review applications and conduct interviews. Students will be contacted if a department wishes to interview them for an open position.

The Office of Academic Affairs will issue an award letter to each student receiving a graduate assistantship. The letter must be signed by all parties before the student can begin work.

For questions or more information please contact:
423.869.6299 |