Faculty Profile

Dr. Tim A. Williams, Assistant Professor Veterinary Science and LMU Attending Veterinarian

Phone: 423.869.6845
Office: 115 Schenck Center

Education and Background

    BS, General Biology, Lincoln Memorial University, 1988

    DVM, University of Tennessee, 1993

    Relevant experience:
    Active Duty, Captain, U.S. Army Veterinary Corps 1993-1998

    Founding Member and Partner, Animal Medical Center, LLC 1998-2008

    Founding Member and Partner, Barfield Animal Hospital, LLC 2003-present

    Founder and owner Doc Williams & Co., LLC with subdivisions:
    1- Diamond W Trading Post, LLC and 2- Thunder Road Veterinary Services, LLC

Research and Teaching Areas

    Current and Long Time Member LMU Veterinary Medical Technician Advisory Board
    Charter and Current Member LMU College of Veterinary Medicine Steering Committee
    Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Attending Veterinarian
    Ex-officio Member LMU Research Committee

    Veterinary Business Management (Economics, Management, and Entrepreneurship)
    Companion Animal Management
    Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
    Veterinary Medicine Today, Large Animal Management, Veterinary Reproduction and Breeds, Senior Seminar, assisting in Veterinary Medical Technician Training laboratory exercises, Remote Area Medical Surgery, LMU Faculty Senator, etc.

Scholarly Highlights