Staff Profile

Dr. Martin P. Sellers, Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/ Professor of Government

Job Description: The Dean position requires leading and guiding an academic school so that learning outcomes can be met with excellence and accuracy. The main skills required are in leadership, budgeting, directing, staffing, planning and organizing. The Dean is responsible to ensure that the mission of the programs and school are in line with and support the mission of the University.

Phone: 423.869.6815
Office: Avery Hall Room 101

Education and Background

    PhD Temple University: political science

    MPA New York University: public administration

    BA Trenton State College: political science and public administration

Scholarly Highlights

    Several articles and a monograph on prison education and the cost of imprisonment; articles written on decision making; articles written on special districts at the local government level.

Personal Interest

Music, guitar, spanish as a second language, reading, family