Faculty Profile

Mary Hatfield, Associate Professor of Veterinary Technology and Assistant Director, Veterinary Technology Program

Phone: 423.869.6278
Alt phone: 423.526.7582
Office: 117 Schenck Center

Education and Background

    18 hours animal related courses graduate level

    Registered Laboratory Animal Technician

    Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician Tennessee

    MEd, Lincoln Memorial University

    BS, Education, University of Tennessee

    Related experience:
    Worked as an LVMT for 16 years in private practice

Research and Teaching Areas

    Teach Veterinary Medical Technology Courses
    National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America- Tennessee State  Representative
    Tennessee Veterinary Technician Association- NAVTA state rep, Executive Board member
    American Veterinary Technician Educators- member
    Animal Welfare League of Claiborne County- Board member
    Friends of Bell County Animal Shelter- member
    Remote Area Medical Veterinary coordinator for LMU

Scholarly Highlights