Faculty Profile

Jessica Lynn Owens, Assistant Professor

Phone: 423.869.6233
Alt phone: 865.771.3647
Office: Avery Hall 305

Education and Background

B.A. Major: Psychology, Minor: Biology. Focus: behavioral Neuroscience. Mount Union College (Alliance, OH).

Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, Animal Behavior, Conservation Behavior, Vocal and Non-Vocal Social Behavior

Working Relationships / Internships:
Sea World of Ohio (2003)
National Aquairum in Baltimore (2004)
Kent State University - NSF Undergraduate Research Fellow (2004)
Mote Marine Laboratory (2007)
University of Alberta, Dr. Chris Sturdy (2011 - current)
University of Tennessee, Dr. Todd Freeberg (2005 - Current)

Research and Teaching Areas

PSYCH 100: Introduction to Psychology
PSYCH 221: Child Development
PSYCH 280: Statistical Methods
PSYCH 290: Learning & Cognition
PSYCH 380: Psychology Research
PSYCH 390: Physiological & Perceptual
PSYCH 480: Experimental Psychology
PSYCH 488: Senior Thesis Research
Special Topics

Animal Behavior: vocal and non-vocal social behavior, communication, evolutionary / comparative studies, endocrinology, behavioral neuroscience, enriched environments

Wildlife Ecology: distribution of predator / prey relationships, habitat quality

Conservation Behavior: effects of anthropogenic disturbances (traffic noise, recreational sports, hunting / fishing), conservation policy

Husbandry / Captive Animal Care

Scholarly Highlights

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