Faculty Profile

Adam Gromley, Assistant Professor of Molecular/Cellular Biology

Phone: 423.869.6698
Office: DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine

Education and Background

    PhD, Biomedical Sciences, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2004

    BS, Microbiology and Molecular Cell Sciences, University of Memphis, 1999

Research and Teaching Areas

    Cell Biology

    Molecular Biology

Scholarly Highlights

  • Gromley, A., Churchman, M.L., Zindy, F., and Sherr, C.J. “Transient expression of the Arf tumor suppressor during male germ cell and eye development in Arf-Cre reporter mice.” Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Apr 14; 106(15):6285-90, 2009.

  • Sugimoto, M., Gromley, A., and Sherr, CJ. “Hzf, a p53-Responsive Gene, Regulates Maintenance of the G2 Phase Checkpoint Induced by DNA Damage.” Molecular and Cellular Biology 26 (2):502-512, 2006.

  • Gromley, A., Yeaman, C., Rosa, J., Redick, S., Chun-Ting, C., Mirabelle, S., Guha, M., Sillibourne, J. and Doxsey, S. “Centriolin Anchoring of Exocyst and SNARE Complexes at the Midbody Is Required for Secretory-Vesicle-Mediated Abscission.” Cell 123 (1): 75-87, 2005.

  • Jurczyk, A., Gromley, A., Redick, S. and Doxsey, S. “Pericentrin forms a complex with intraflagellar transport proteins and polycystin-2 and is required for primary cilia assembly.” Journal of Cell Biology 166 (5):637-643, 2004.

  • Gromley, A., Jurczyk, A., Sillibourne, J., Halilovic, E., Mogensen, M., Groisman, I., Blomberg, M., and Doxsey, S. “A Novel Human Protein of the Maternal Centriole is Required for the Final Stages of Cytokinesis and Entry into S-Phase.” Journal of Cell Biology 161(3): 535-545, 2003.

    Kizhatil, K., Gromley, A., Albritton, L.M. “Two Point Mutations Produce Infectious Retrovirus Bearing a Green Fluorescent Protein-SU Fusion Protein.” Journal of Virology 75(23):11881-5, 2001.

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