I.PHED 360††††††† Games, Gymnastics, Dance, and Rhythmic Activities††††††††† ††††††††††† 3 hrs


II.Fall 2001†††† Amanda K. Smith


III. Office Phone: 869-6322

†††† Office Location: Tex Turner Arena

†††† Email:

†††† Office Hours: as posted


IV.Prerequisites: None


V.Course Description:

††††††††††† This course deals with the teaching skills of simple games, basic gymnastics, and rhythm activities. The teaching materials provided will be suitable for the beginning, intermediate and advanced learner. Emphasis will be placed on the studentsí performance of these activities and their ability to teach others.


VI.Relationship of this course to content area knowledge and skills:

††††††††††† The student will develop the ability to teach the skills necessary to engage in lifetime activities of games, gymnastics, and rhythm.




VIII.Course goals and outcomes:

Upon completion of this course the student will:

1.      Teach simple games

2.      Teach basic tumbling and gymnastics

3.      Teach simple folk games

4.      Teach rhythm activities

5.      Work with partners

6.      Work individually

7.      Work as a team

8.      Write lesson plans

9.      Micro teach

10.Evaluate skill performance

IX. Course objectives:

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.      Plan a simple game program

2.      Plan a simple gymnastic program

3.      Play a rhythm program

4.      Identify themes of subject matter and organize materials for teaching.

5.      Perform basic skills

6.      Plan evaluation for skill levels

7.      Teach lessons

8.      Peer evaluation


X.Outline of Course Content/ Units of Instruction:

††††††††††† WEEK††††††††††† 1††††††††††† Review syllabi and introduce rhythm

††††††††††† WEEK 2††††††††† Simple games and rhythm activities

††††††††††† WEEK 3††††††††††† Introduce teaching styles

††††††††††† WEEK 4††††††††† Teach simple games

††††††††††† WEEK 5††††††††† Discuss gymnastic activities

††††††††††† WEEK 6††††††††† Plan teaching with ideas and styles

††††††††††† WEEK 7††††††††† Teach gymnastic activities

††††††††††† WEEK 8††††††††† Rhythm activities

††††††††††† WEEK 9††††††††† Plan teaching styles

††††††††††† WEEK 10††††††††††† Practice skills

††††††††††† WEEK 11††††††† Teach rhythm activities

††††††††††† WEEK 12††††††† TBA

††††††††††† WEEK 13††††††† TBA

††††††††††† WEEK 14††††††† TBA

††††††††††† WEEK 15††††††† TBA

††††††††††† WEEK 16††††††††††† Conclude evaluations and findings


XI. Required readings:

Materials as given out by instructor


XII.Suggested readings:

††††††††††† Content appropriate


XIII.Technological Resources:

††††††††††† This course is a hands-on, participation based course. Music and video will be used during class.


XIV.Methods of Instruction and Learning:

Lecture, seminar style, professional workshop, cooperative learning, group learning, direct participation.


XV. Course Requirements/ Methods of Assessment/ Evaluation

††††††††††† Class participation

††††††††††† Class attendance

††††††††††† Written tests


††††††††††† Grade Scale:

††††††††††† 90%-100%†† A

††††††††††† 80%-89%†††† B

††††††††††† 70%-79%†††† C

††††††††††† 60%-69%†††† D

††††††††††† <††††††††††† 59%††††††††††† F


XVI. Partnerships: N/A.

XVII. Clinical/ Laboratory/ Field Experience:

The student will be required to teach activities to the class.


XVIII.††††††††††† Possible Portfolio Entries:

Lesson plans

Safety plans



XIX. Date of Revision: 8/01


XX.Long Range Plan/ Outcomes Assessment Documentation