Carter & Moyers School of Education History

George Morton holds the distinction of being the first graduate of Lincoln Memorial University. He taught younger students while he worked on his degree and went on to become the first principal of Hancock County High School. His career as an educator spanned 5+ years.
As our oldest school, education has seen a lot of changes over the years. It was formally renamed the Carter and Moyers School of Education in 1997 - 100 years after the university's founding, in honor of some very special people who have shown remarkable generosity and commitment to our education programs. Dr. G. L. Carter, Jr., his sister, Anna Moyers, and their family have provided tremendous support for the steady growth of the school, selflessly helping with necessary resources and support to produce the most accomplished educators at every level. We can never thank them enough for their untiring support and for recognizing the need to promote solid training for so many future educators who will serve in the Appalachian region. New professional development funds for faculty have recently been allocated to the School of Education from the Carter gift. Such faculty support enhances instruction and student programming.

The Carter and Moyers School of Education prepares students for classroom teaching, leadership positions, school counseling and mental health counseling positions. The school is dedicated to preparing caring professionals with a broad knowledge base acquired through the integration of the liberal arts and the careerrelated disciplines. We believe our students are capable of meeting the challenges of an ever-increasing, global society. Through our well-established educational programs, LMU has produced many of the tri-state region's as well as the nation's top educators. Graduates of the Carter and Moyers School of Education will attest that the training they receive in our undergraduate and graduate programs has prepared them to meet all the challenges of a job that requires an understanding of moral, social and political dimensions.