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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Acton, Matt Transfer Admissions Counselor 423.869.6281 DAR 207 matt.acton@LMUnet.edu
Adkins, Nathan Bookstore Manager 423.869.6306 Student Center nathan.adkins@LMUnet.edu
Akers, Rebecca Adjunct Faculty     rebecca.akers@LMUnet.edu
Allen, Eddie Maintenance Worker 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building eddie.allen@LMUnet.edu
Amis, Tom Radio & TV Broadcaster/Sales Associate 423.869.6335 Sigmon Communications Center tom.amis@LMUnet.edu
Anders, Jennifer Instructor of Nursing     jennifer.anders@LMUnet.edu
Anderson, Elizabeth Instructor of Nursing 423.869.7118   elizabeth.anderson@LMUnet.edu
Anderson-Bradbury, Katherine Assistant Professor of Health 423.869.6412 Mary Mars Gym katherine.anderson@LMUnet.edu
Andrews, Horace D. Adjunct, MLP Business     horace.andrews@LMUnet.edu
Armstrong, Rhonda Director of Library 423.869.6436 2nd Floor Library rhonda.armstrong@LMUnet.edu
Arnold, Amy Assistant Director, Financial Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7096 DCOM 319


Arnold, Becky Instructor of Nursing    


Arnoult, Darnell Writer-in-Residence 423.869.7074 Bailey House darnell.arnoult@LMUnet.edu
Ashby, Michael Lab Technician   University Medical Clinic michael.ashby@LMUnet.edu
Ayers, Crystal Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building crystal.ayers@LMUnet.edu
Ayers, Shelly Instructor, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.7003
JFWA shelly.ayers@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Babos, Mary Beth AssociateProfessor, Pharmacy 423.869.7756 DCOM 219 marybeth.babos@LMUnet.edu
Bailey, Helen Registrar 423.869.6434 DAR 102 helen.bailey@LMUnet.edu
Bailey, Travis Police Officer 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena travis.bailey@LMUnet.edu
Bailey, Whitney Clinical Instructor, Athletic Training Program; Assistant Athletic Trainer 423.869.6826 Athletic Training Room, Tex Turner Arena whitney.bailey2@LMUnet.edu
Baker, Kayla Kristine Medical Assistant, University Medical Clinic 423.869.7196 University Medical Clinic kayla.baker@LMUnet.edu
Baker, Thomas Computer Support Technician 423.869.7411 Duke Hall thomas.baker@LMUnet.edu
Barnes, Tammy Assistant Professor of Education/Director, Masters Education Initial Licensure Program     tammy.barnes@LMUnet.edu
Barnett, Rebecca Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7090 DCOM 3rd Floor rebecca.barnett@LMUnet.edu
Bassett, Casey Associate Professor of Anatomy/Histology, Chair of Molecular Sciences and Associate Dean of Students for Medical Programs 423.869.7104 Math & Science Building 413 casey.bassett@LMUnet.edu
Batchelor, Randal Director, Academic Assessment, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7167 DCOM 110 randal.batchelor@LMUnet.edu
Baughman, Kathy Law Site Coordinator , Duncan School of Law 865.545.5301 DSOL 226 kathy.baughman@LMUnet.edu
Bay, Kristy Executive Assistant to the VPAA 423.869.6299 Duke Hall 201 kristy.bay@LMUnet.edu
Beckman, Sydney Professor of Law 865.545.5302 DSOL 312 sydney.beckman@LMUnet.edu
Beckner, Diana Instructor, Nursing 865.724.1438 LMU-Blount Site 110 diana.beckner@LMUnet.edu
Beeler, Megan Administrative Assistant for Student Services & Admissions CVM 423.869.6416 Math and Science Building 310 megan.beeler@LMUnet.edu
Beeler, Richard Instructor, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.7185 JFWA richard.beeler@LMUnet.edu
Ben-Salem, Mahdia Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages 423.869.6273 Avery 317 mahdia.ben-salem@LMUnet.edu
Benson, Catherine Assistant Prof.  of Biology-Conservation Biology 423.869.6071 Math & Science Building 332 catherine.benson@LMUnet.edu
Berkley, Janice Custodial Staff 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building janice.berkley@LMUnet.edu
Best, Ramona Adjunct, Graduate Education     ramona.best@LMUnet.edu
Beverly, Bruce Assistant Professor, Law 865.545.5316 DSOL 217 bruce.beverly@LMUnet.edu
Bicknell, Teresa Assistant Professor, Education / Associate Dean, School of Education 865.531.4108 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 117 teresa.bicknell@LMUnet.edu
Bidgood, Robert (Robin) Director of International Programs and Instructor of Psychology 423.869.6688 Finley Learning Resources Center robert.bidgood@LMUnet.edu
Bisceglia-Stotts, Katherine Instructor, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.7402 JFWA 200 katherine.bisceglia@LMUnet.edu
Bledsoe, Ralph Grounds Keeper 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building ralph.bledsoe@LMUnet.edu
Blevins-Cannon, Daphne Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building daphne.blevinscannon@LMUnet.edu
Bolden, Lezlie Medical Assistant, University Medical Clinic 423.869.7193 University Clinic lezlie.jennings@LMUnet.edu
Bolinger, Claude Custodial Staff 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building claude.bolinger@LMUnet.edu
Bolton, Kevin Programmer Analyst 423.869.7411 Duke Hall kevin.bolton@LMUnet.edu
Bookstore 423.869.6306 Student Center nathan.adkins@LMUnet.edu
Boone, Joshua Assistant Professor of Mathematics 423.869.7126 Math & Science Building 330 josh.boone@LMUnet.edu
Booth, Ted Director of Career Services, Instructor of History and Religion 423.869.6017 Grant Lee 105 teddy.booth@LMUnet.edu
Boring, Megan Instructor, Nursing 865.724.1436 LMU - Blount County Site 112 megan.boring@LMUnet.edu
Boster, Jarryd Principal, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.6295 JFWA jarryd.boster@LMUnet.edu
Boswell II, Wade Hampton Adjunct Faculty, DSOL 865.524.5286 DSOL wade.boswell@LMUnet.edu
Bowling, Karen Office Manager, Graduate Education 423.869.7057 Business-Education Building karen.bowling@LMUnet.edu
Bowling, Turner Institutional Effectiveness Associate and Instructor of English 423.869.6294 Duke 304 turner.bowling@LMUnet.edu
Bowman-Hayes, Marilyn Director, CSON Online Learning and Instructor of Nursing     marilyn.bowman-hayes@LMUnet.edu
Brackmann, Rebecca Associate Professor of English 423.869.7111 Avery Hall 206 rebecca.brackmann@LMUnet.eud
Bradke, Sean Assistant Women’s Softball Coach     sean.bradke@LMUnet.edu
Brambley, T. Adam Media Specialist 423.869.7411 Duke Hall adam.brambley@LMUnet.edu
Brambley, Clarissa

Receptionist - DCOM

423.869.7200 DCOM clarissa.brambley@LMUnet.edu
Brandon, Carla Admissions Counselor 423.869.6348 DAR 208 carla.brandon@LMUnet.edu
Brock, Erin Director of Licensure and Testing 423.869.6405 Business-Education Builidng erin.brock@LMUnet.edu
Brooks, Robin Instructor of Nursing     robin.brooks@LMUnet.edu
Brooks, Theresa Program Administrative Coordinator PA Program 423.869.6918 DCOM 417 theresa.brooks@LMUnet.edu
Brown Jr., Benjamin Professor, Graduate Education/ EdD Program 865.531.4117 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 125-B benjamin.brown@LMUnet.edu
Brown, Juanita Assistant Professor of OMM 423.869.6056 DCOM 129 juanita.brown@LMUnet.edu
Brown, Timothy Assistant Baseball Coach 423.869.6797    
Brown, William Dennis Custodial Staff 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building william.brown2@LMUnet.edu
Browning, Lynda Instructor of Nursing 423.869.6069   lynda.browning@LMUnet.edu
Bruce, George Security Communications Operator 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena george.bruce@LMUnet.edu
Bruce, Hope Assistant Professor, Nursing 865.724.1435 LMU - Blount Site 117 louisa.bruce@LMUnet.edu
Brunsma, Kathy Technical Services Supervisor 423.869.6221 Finley Learning Resources Center 1st Floor kathy.brunsma@LMUnet.edu
Buchanan, Jeremy Clinical Exam Center Manager, Interprofessional Education and Development Coordinator 423.869.6043 DCOM 208 jeremy.buchanan@LMUnet.edu
Buckner, Kenneth

Custodian/Maintenance Worker (Cedar Bluff)

423.869.4138   kenneth.buckner@LMUnet.edu
Burch, Brandi Custodian     brandi.burch@LMUnet.edu
Burger, Lynn

Director of the Ed. D Program / Assistant Professor of Graduate Education/Ed. D Program

865.531.4111 Cedar Bluff Site lynn.burger@LMUnet.edu
Burger, Michael Assistant Professor, Graduate Education 865.531.4158 Cedar Bluff Site 126 michael.burger@LMUnet.edu
Burleson, Rebecca Assistant Professor, Graduate Education / Post Bac Program 423.354.5522 LMU-Kingsport Site rebecca.burleson@LMUnet.edu
Burnett, Sara Senior Executive Assistant to the Dean, Caylor School of Nursing 865.531.4129 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site 176A sara.burnett@LMUnet.edu
Burns, Dan Director Of Athletic Development 423.869.6242 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium dan.burns@LMUnet.edu
Burns, Regina Director, Publications 423.869.6255 Kresge Hall regina.burns@LMUnet.edu
Bush, Anita Clinical Rotations Coordinator 423.869.6497 DCOM 340 anita.bush@LMUnet.edu
Butcher, Tanya Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building tanya.butcher@LMUnet.edu
Byrd, Lee Security Officer I 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena aubrey.byrd@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Cadle, Paul Groundskeeper 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building paul.cadle@LMUnet.edu
Caldwell, Jody Director, Rotations, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6694 DCOM 341 jody.caldwell@LMUnet.edu
Camargo, Casey Athletic Trainer/ATEP Preceptor 423.869.6077 Athletic Training Room, Tex Turner Arena  casey.camargo@LMUnet.edu
Campbell, Carol Program and Tourism Director, Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum 423.869.6439 Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum carol.campbell@LMUnet.edu
Campbell, R. Christopher Director, Admissions/JFWA 423.869.6452 JFWA ronald.campbell@LMUnet.edu
Campbell, Sherry Rotations Coordinator, PA Program


DCOM 411 sherry.campbell2@LMUnet.edu
Campbell, Teresa Associate Professor, Pathology 423.869.6656 DCOM 222 teresa.campbell@LMUnet.edu
Cantrell, Joshua User Services Coordinator 423.869.6409 Duke Hall joshua.cantrell@LMUnet.edu
Capps, Hesper Administrative Assistant School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 423.869.6203 Avery Hall hesper.capps@LMUnet.edu
Cardwell, Kelly Medical Assistant     kelly.cardwell@LMUnet.edu
Carico, Margie Assistant Professor, Graduate Education     margie.carico@LMUnet.edu
Carnes, Sandra Assistant Professor of Medical Laboratory Science 423.869.7144 Math and Science Building 316 sandra.carnes@LMUnet.edu
Carr, Christina Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building  christina.carr@LMUnet.edu
Carroll, Sherry Executive Assistant to the VP for Administration 423.869.6475 Grant Lee (Basement) sherry.carroll@LMUnet.edu
Carroll, Trish Admissions & Financial Aid Coordinator, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5304 DSOL 252 trish.carroll@LMUnet.edu
Carter, Karen Assistant Dean School of Business Undergraduate/ Assistant Professor of Business 423.869.6675 141 Business-Education Building karen.carter@LMUnet.edu
Carter, Larry Audio Technician/Sigmon Advertising 423.869.6326 Sigmon Communications Center/Tex Turner Arena larry.carter@LMUnet.edu
Carucci, Joseph Assistant Professor, Music/Music Program Director 423.869.6799 Avery Hall 315 joseph.carucci@lmunet.edu
Carver, Jacob Instructor J. Frank White Academy 423.869.6234 JFWA jacob.carver@lmunet.edu
Castle, Jane

Professor of Nursing

Cave, Chessica Assistant Professor of Education     chessica.cave@lmunet.edu
Caylor, Madeline Administrative Assistant Graduate Medical Education 423.869.6910 DCOM madeline.caylor@lmunet.edu
Cenatiempo, Marca Director, Health Sciences Research and Grants 423.869.6838 DCOM 221 marca.cenatiempo@LMUnet.edu
Chadwell, Tonya Clinical Care Assistant, University Medical Clinic   University Medical Clinic tonya.chadwell@LMUnet.edu
Cherry, Edwin Clarence "Ed" Learning Specialist 865.385.1715   clarence.cherry@LMUnet.edu
Chitwood, Kaley Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs     kaley.chitwood@LMUnet.edu
Christmann, Undine Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine (Equine Boarded Clinician) 423.869.6233 DVTC, Equine Teaching Center, 101 undine.christmann@LMUnet.edu
Chumley, Phillip Data Processor, Admissions Office 423.869.6655 DAR 210 phillip.chumley@LMUnet.edu
Chumley, Sondra Instructor, Nursing 423.869.7139 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor sondra.chumley@LMUnet.edu
Clagg, Trenton Director, Educational Assessment Resources 865.531.4150 Cedar Bluff 124 trenton.clagg@LMUnet.edu
Clayton, Timothy Assistant Professor of Mathematics 423.869.6413   timothy.clayton@LMUnet.edu
Clinic, University Medical-Harrogate and New Tazewell   423.869.7193 165 Westmoreland Street, Harrogate

840 England Industrial Road New Tazewell

Clyburn, J. Michael Dean, School of Education and Professor of Education

423.869.6259 Business-Education Building 241 michael.clyburn@LMUnet.edu
Clyburn, Shelia J. University Dissertation Reviewer/Associate Professor of Education 423.869.6654   shelia.clyburn@LMUnet.edu
Cobb, Leah Assistant Professor, Psychiatry 423.869.6468 DCOM 120 leah.cobb@LMUnet.edu
Cobb, Sue Standardized Patient/Patient Model Program Coordinator 423.869.6460 DCOM 204 sue.cobb@LMUnet.edu
Cochran, Phyllis Administrative Assistant Kingsport 423.354.5522 LMU-Kingsport Site phyllis.cochran@LMUnet.edu
Cochran, Rodney Director, Properties and Physical Plant 423.869.7101 Maintenance Building rodney.cochran@LMUnet.edu
Cole, Kelly Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4136 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site kelly.cole@LMUnet.edu
Colle, Clarence Professor, Microbiology /Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs/Basic Medical Sciences 423.869.6715 DCOM 231 clarence.colle@LMUnet.edu
Collingsworth, Joy Assistant Professor of Education 423.869.6403 Business-Education Building 218 joy.collingsworth@LMUnet.edu
Collingsworth, Timothy Security Officer 1 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena  timothy.collingsworth@LMUnet.edu
Collins, Benny Men's and Women's Tennis Coach 423.869.6399 Tex Turner Arena benny.collins@LMUnet.edu
Collins, Ke Li (Lily) Coordinator of International Recruitment and Advisement 423.869.6384 DAR 303 ke.collins@LMUnet.edu
Collins, Martha Jo Cashier 423.869.6202 DAR 112 martha.collins@LMUnet.edu
Collins, Shannon Associate Professor of Education     shannon.collins@LMUnet.edu
Colson, Katherine Hospital Relations Coordinator PA Program 423.869.6905 DCOM katherine.colson@LMUnet.edu
Combs, Alyson Student Services Activity Coordinator - DCOM 423.869.6290 DCOM alyson.combs@LMUnet.edu
Combs, Lila Director, Student Support Services 423.869.6213 Finley Learning Resources Center lila.combs@LMUnet.edu
Concha-Albornoz, Ismael Assistant Professor of Anatomy     ismael.concha-albornoz@LMUnet.edu
Cook, David Assistant Professor Education   Business-Education Building david.cook@LMUnet.edu
Cook, Jeffrey Instructor, Music 423.869.7219 Avery Hall 313 jeffrey.cook@LMUnet.edu
Cooper, Kevin Assistant Professor of Physics 423.869.7156   kevin.cooper@LMUnet.edu
Copeland, John Professor, Biology 423.869.6225 Math and Science Building 327D john.copeland@LMUnet.edu
Corace, Caitlyn Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach 423.869.6264   caitlyn.corace@LMUnet.edu
Corder, Julia Administrative Assistant School of Business   LMU-Cedar Bluff Site julia.corder@LMUnet.edu
Corder, Zachary Director of Web Development 423.869.7411 Duke Hall ishelpdesk@lmunet.edu
Cosgriff, Joseph Director of Special Education 423.869.6429 Business and Education Building 219 joseph.cosgriff@LMUnet.edu
Courtner, Andrew Director of Academic Support 423.869.6080 Finley Learning Resources Center andrew.courtner@LMUnet.edu
Cowan, Christy Miller Associate Professor, Psychology 423.869.6249 Avery Hall 307 christy.cowan@LMUnet.edu
Cowan, Steven Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Religion 423.869.6220 Avery Hall 305 steven.cowan@LMUnet.edu
Cox, J.C. Maintenance Worker/Ket Operation 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building jccox@LMUnet.edu
Cox, Lisa Blair Vice President of Administration 423.869.6722 Grant-Lee Hall lisa.cox@LMUnet.edu
Cox, Lisa Saylor Administrative Assistant, Properties and Physical Plant 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building lisa.cox02@LMUnet.edu
Creech, Teresa Administrative Assistant Nursing 423.869.6743 Math and Science Building teresa.creech@LMUnet.edu
Cupp, Leetina Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building leetina.cupp@LMUnet.edu
Cushing, Mark Director of Institute for Collaborative Leadership 865.545.5330 DSOL mark.cushing@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


D'Anna, Helio Men's and Women's Soccer Coach 423.869.6245 Tex Turner Arena helio.danna@LMUnet.edu
Daniel, David G. Maintenance Worker 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building david.ward@LMUnet.edu
Daniels, Audrey Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs CVM 423.869.6008 Math and Science Building 320 audrey.daniels@LMUnet.edu
Daniels, Conrad Dean of Community College Partnerships 423.869.6279 DAR 214 conrad.daniels@LMUnet.edu
Daniels, Gary Radio/TV Announcer   Sigmon Communications Center  gary.daniels@LMUnet.edu
Dansereau, Jay Computer Support Technician 423.869.7411 Duke Hall ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
Darrow, Jeffrey Associate Professor, Mathematics 423.869.6420 Math and Science Building 342 jeffrey.darrow@LMUnet.edu
Dascanio, John Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, CVM/Professor of Theriogenology 423.869.6778 Math and Science Building 306 john.dascanio@LMUnet.edu
Davidson, Rebecca Instructor, Nursing 865.531.4126 LMU- Cedar Bluff Site rebecca.davidson02@LMUnet.edu
Davidson, Steve Assistant Professor, Graduate Education, EdD Program 865.531.4115 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site 119 steve.davidson@LMUnet.edu
Davis, Amber Data Entry Clerk 423.869.7767 DAR 108 amber.davis02@LMUnet.edu
Davis, David Security Officer 423.869.6338 Tex Turner Arena david.davis516@LMUnet.edu
Davis, Gwen Instructor, Nursing 865.724.1437 LMU-Blount Site 111 gwen.davis@LMUnet.edu
Dawson, B. James President 423.869.6391 Student Center james.dawson@LMUnet.edu
Day, Rosemary Director of Campus Interior Design & Special Events 423.869.6442 Cumberland Gap Cabin rosemary.day@LMUnet.edu
Dean, Jordan Shuttle Driver 423.869.6338 DAR jordan.dean02@LMUnet.edu
Dean, Tammy Associate Professor, Nursing 865.545.8489 LMU-St. Mary's Medical Center Site tammy.dean@LMUnet.edu
DeBord, Daniel Professor, English 423.869.6215 Avery Hall 109 dan.debord@LMUnet.edu
Debrot, Jacques Associate Professor of English/Chair, Department of English 423.869.6339 Avery Hall 103 jacques.debrot@LMUnet.edu
DeFranco, Gina Assistant Professor, Family Medicine/DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6836 DCOM 122 gina.defranco@LMUnet.edu
Derico, Monique Admissions Counselor 423.869.7099 DAR 207 monique.derico@LMUnet.edu
Dickerson, Christopher Instructor of Biology   Math & Science Building christopher.dickerson@LMUnet.edu
Disney, April Financial Aid Specialist 423.869.6491 DAR 113 april.disney@LMUnet.edu
Disney, Michael Director of Data Center Infrastructure 423.869.7124 Duke Hall michael.disney@LMUnet.edu
Dodson, Gary Campus Post Master 423.869.6812 Student Center gary.dodson@LMUnet.edu
Donahue, Jeremy Student Services Associate/Cross Country Coach 423.869.6228 Tex Turner Arena jeremy.donahue@LMUnet.edu
Drittler, Amy LMU-DCOM Director of Alumni Services 423.869.6252 DCOM 333 amy.drittler@LMUnet.edu
du Mont, Phyllis Professor, Nursing 865.531.4125 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site phyllis.dumont@lmunet.edu
Duncan, Lynn Director, Major Gifts 865.719.5274 Kresge Hall lynn.duncan@LMUnet.edu
Dunn, Cathy Academic Support Assistant 423.869.6330 Business-Education Building cathy.dunn@LMUnet.edu
Dunn, Marta Administrative Assistant, Information Services 423.869.7411 Duke Hall ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Earl, Jessica Academic Affairs/Curriculum Coordinator, Basic Medical Sciences, DCOM 423.869.7121 DCOM 234 jessica.earl@LMUnet.edu
Edwards, Steve Assistant Professor, Medical Laboratory Science 423.869.6232 Math and Science Building 318 steven.edwards@LMUnet.edu
Effler, Joel Assistant Professor of Graduate Education 865.531.4149 Cedar Bluff Site, 168B joel.effler@LMUnet.edu
Eiffe, Joan Assistant Professor, Nursing/Coordinator of St. Mary's Site 865.545.7914 LMU-St. Mary's Medical Center Site joan.eiffe@LMUnet.edu
Eldahan, Wanda Coordinator of Multicultural Services 423.869.6023

Student Center Room 308

Ellis, Irene Custodial Supervisor 423.869.6402 Maintenance Building irene.ellis@LMUnet.edu
Ellis, Jennifer E. Assistant Registrar 423.869.6313 DAR 110 jennifer.ellis@LMUnet.edu
Emge, Chris Media Specialist 423.869.7411 DSOL ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
England, Jami Instructor of Nursing/Clinical Facilitator 423.869.6380 Math and Science Building jami.england@LMUnet.edu
England, Sue Director, Office of Candidate Development/Services 423.869.6253 Business-Education Building sue.england@LMUnet.edu
Engle, Billy Joe Chair/Associate Professor Dept of Medical Laboratory Science 423.869.6471 Math and Science Building 317 billy.engle@LMUnet.edu
Engle, Joshua Simulation Lab Coordinator/Instructor 423.869.6070 DCOM 302 joshua.engle@LMUnet.edu
Engle, Sonya Instructor of Nursing 423.869.6692 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor sonya.engle@LMUnet.edu
Erland, Scott Director of Sports Communications 423.869.6236 Tex Turner Arena scott.erland@LMUnet.edu
Eschberger , Erika Instructional Technologist 423.869.6268 Business-Education Building 118


Estes, Deborah Coordinator for Examination Services , DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6673 DCOM 109 deborah.estes@LMUnet.edu
Evans, Krystal Head Women’s Basketball Coach 423.869.6224 Tex Turner Arena krystal.evans@LMUnet.edu
Evans, Randy

Associate Dean and Professor of Veterinary Medicine/Chief Operating Officer, College of Veterinary Medicine

423.869.6458 Math and Science Building 320C randy.evans@LMUnet.edu
Everly, Stephen Associate Professor, Chemistry/Chair, Department of Chemisry and Physics 423.869.6472 Math and Science Building 327C stephen.everly@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Fait, Jacob Chair, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Assistant Professor Business 423.869.6682 Business-Education Building 132 jacob.fait@LMUnet.edu
Faizer, M. Akram Associate Professor of Law 865.545.5315 DSOL 313 akram.faizer@LMUnet.edu
Farmer, Evelyn Assistant Director of Housing 423.869.7178 Dishner Hall evelyn.farmer@LMUnet.edu
Farmer, Karen Office Manager & Facilities Management Coordinator 423.869.7409 Grant-Lee Hall karen.farmer@LMUnet.edu
Farmer, Lisa Instructor, Nursing 423.869.4138 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 172B lisa.farmer@LMUnet.edu
Farmer, Rhonda Office Assistant 606.523.8658 LMU - Corbin Site rhonda.farmer@LMUnet.edu
Faulkner, Charles Enrollment Information and Assessments Coordinator /Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science, CVM 423.869.6676 Math and Science Buiding 305 charles.faulkner@LMUnet.edu
Faulkner, Vina R. Dean, School of Allied Health/Associate Professor, Veterinary Science 423.869.6407 Math and Science Building 308 vina.faulkner@LMUnet.edu
Ferguson, Kimberly Assistant Professor of Nursing and Director, FNP Concentration 423.869.6822 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor kimberly.ferguson@LMUnet.edu
Ferguson, Rebecca Cashier   DAR 1st Floor rebecca.ferguson@LMUnet.edu
Figueira, Russell Security Communications Officer 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena russell.figueria@LMUnet.edu
Fitzovich, Douglas Professor, Physiology 423.869.6681 DCOM 213 douglas.fitzovich@LMUnet.edu
Fitzovich, Lovella Coordinator of Examination Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7761 DCOM 107 lovella.fitzovich@LMUnet.edu
Flowers, Cindy Coordinator, Financial Aid Operations 423.869.6309 DAR 119 cindy.flowers@LMUnet.edu
Floyd, Janice Instructor of Nursing     janice.floyd@LMUnet.edu
Fowler, Jason Assistant Professor, Biochemistry 423.869.6720 Math and Science Building 333 jason.fowler@LMUnet.edu
Francisco, Kathleen Children's Aquatic Coordinator 423.489.9728 423.869.6726 Natatorium kathleen.francisco@LMUnet.edu
Fraustro, Aaron Administrative Assistant School of Business 423.869.6254 Business-Education Building 105 aaron.fraustro@LMUnet.edu
Freeman, William Clinical Activities Coordinator, Veterinary Medical Technology 423.869.6015 Schenck Center for Health Science 103 william.freeman@LMUnet.edu
Furches, Steve Assistant Professor, Biology 423.869.7019 Math and Science Building 334  
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Gaines, Cherie Elaine Assistant Professor, Graduate Education and Clinical/Field Experience Coordinator 865.531.4154 LMU Cedar Bluff- 169 cherie.gaines@LMUnet.edu
Gambrel, Laura Examination Services Coordinator, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6842 DCOM 108 laura.gambrel@LMUnet.edu
Ganz, Michelle University Archivist and Cataloger 423.869.6304 Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum michelle.ganz@LMUnet.edu
Garman, Barbara Executive Administrative Assistant, Nursing, Cedar Bluff 865.531.4122 LMU Cedar Bluff barbara.garman@LMUnet.edu
Garrett, Linda Chair, Graduate Nursing/ Associate Professor, Nursing 423.869.6316 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor linda.garrett@LMUnet.edu
Gassler, John Assistant Professor of Anatomy 423.869.7182 Math and Science Building 412 john.gassler@LMUnet.edu
George, Cheryl "Shelly" Associate Professor of Law 865.545.5322 DSOL 223 cheryl.george@LMUnet.edu
Gibson, Clarence Security Officer I (VA Site) 423.869.6911   clarence.gibson@LMUnet.edu
Gibson, Sarah Small Animal Veterinary Technologist 423.869.6477 Math and Science Building 310 sarah.gibson687@LMUnet.edu
Gilbert, Amanda Administrative Asst. BMS/DCOM Research 423.869.6047 DCOM amanda.gilbert@LMUnet.edu
Gilbert, Joey Director of Development for Health Sciences 423.869.7206 DCOM 327 joey.gilbert@LMUnet.edu
Giles, Michael Interim Instructor of Art   Avery Hall michael.giles@LMUnet.edu
Gilliam, Bethel W. Assistant Water Plant Operator 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building bethel.gilliam@LMUnet.edu
Gilliam, Teresa Simulation Lab Nurse 423.869.6046 DCOM teresa.gilliam@LMUnet.edu
Gilroy, Lee Assistant Professor of Psychology 423.869.6774 Avery Hall 306 lee.gilroy@LMUnet.edu
Glenn, Jeremy Maintenance Worker 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building  jeremy.glenn@LMUnet.edu
Golf Driving Range   423.869.6653 Golf Driving Range
Good, Debbie Custodian 423.869.6402 Maintenance Building debbie.good@LMUnet.edu
Goodpaster, Daniel Admissions Recruiter DCOM 423.869.6091 DCOM 322 daniel.goodpaster@LMUnet.edu
Goolsby, Susan C. Adjunct Clinical Nursing Staff     susan.goolsby@LMUnet.edu
Gordon, Susan Clinical Instructor, Nursing 423.869.6324 Cedar Bluff susan.gordon@LMUnet.edu
Graham, Christy Vice President for Finance 423.869.6314 Duke Hall christy.graham@LMUnet.edu
Gratz, Susan Director of Assessment/NCATE Coordinator 865.531.4156 LMU-Cedar Bluff 120 susan.gratz@LMUnet.edu
Graves, Dan ADA Coordinator and Instructor of Psychology 423.869.6267 Business-Education Building 104 dan.graves@LMUnet.edu
Graves, Milburn Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building milburn.graves@LMUnet.edu
Graves, Rhonda Payroll / Benefit Assistant 423.869.6664 Duke Hall 2nd Floor rhonda.graves@LMUnet.edu
Green, R Kay Adjunct – Product Management (Business) online 423.869.6254    
Greene, Johnathan AHA Training Center Coordinator 423.869.6480 DCOM 314 johnathan.greene@LMUnet.edu
Greene, Sean Assistant Professor, Music/Humanities and Fine Arts 423.869.7075 Avery Hall 127 sean.greene@LMUnet.edu
Greer, Phil Director, University Press 423.869.6208 Tex Turner Arena phil.greer@LMUnet.edu
Griffith, Sarah Instructor of Nursing     sarah.griffith@LMUnet.edu
Grigsby, Carolyn Risk and Insurance Manager 423.869.6677 Grant-Lee Hall carolyn.grigsby@LMUnet.edu
Grigsby, Donald Head Athletic Trainer 423.869.6378 Athletic Training Room, Tex Turner Arena donald.grigsby@LMUnet.edu
Gromley, Adam Assistant Professor of Molecular/Cellular Biology 423.869.6698 DCOM 233 adam.gromley@LMUnet.edu
Gromley, Zeynep Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 423.869.6792 DCOM 232 zeynep.gromley@LMUnet.edu
Gulley, Carolyn Executive Director of Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs 423.869.6291 Duke Hall 304 carolyn.gulley@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Hagerty, Rachelle Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies/Program Research 423.869.6702 DCOM rachelle.hagerty@LMUnet.edu
Haley, Adam Sports Coordinator/Technical Support, Sigmon Communications 423.869.6443 Sigmon Communications Center christopher.haley@LMUnet.edu
Hall, Julie Assistant Professor Molecular Biology 423.869.6067 Math and Science Building julie.hall02@lmunet.edu
Hankins-Koppel, Cindy Instructor, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.6494 JFWA cindy.hankins-koppel@LMUnet.edu
Harmon, David Custodian/Maintenance Worker – DSOL   DSOL david.harmon@LMUnet.edu
Harrington, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.7106 DCOM 435 jennifer.harrington@LMUnet.edu
Harry, Cynthia Administrative Director, TOMEC 423.869.7063 DCOM 313 cynthia.harry@LMUnet.edu
Harry, James Assistant Professor, Broadcast Communications 423.869.6386 Avery 212 james.harry@LMUnet.edu
Hash, Laura Associate Professor of Law/ Assistant Dean of Students, DSOL 865.545.5325 DSOL 333 laura.hash@LMUnet.edu
Hatfield, Mary Associate Professor of Veterinary Technology and Assistant Director, Veterinary Technology Program 423.869.6278 Schenck Center for Health Science 117 mary.hatfield@LMUnet.edu
Hatfield, Randi Anatomy Technologist 423.869.6230 DVTC, Veterinary Skills Center randi.hatfield@LMUnet.edu
Hayes, Michael Assistant Professor, Graduate Education/ Coordinator of Internships & Practicums 865.531.4140 Business-Education Building michael.hayes@LMUnet.edu
Heatherly, Angela Instructor of Nursing     angela.heatherly@LMUnet.edu
Hembree, Michael Computer Support Technician 423.869.7411 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 191 ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
Henderson, Melissa Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 423.869.7135 DCOM 230 melissa.henderson@LMUnet.edu
Henry, Robert Professor of Veterinary Anatomy, CVM 423.869.6085 Math and Science Building 429 robert.henry@LMUnet.edu
Hensley, Melissa Clinical Resources Coordinator 423.869.7133 DCOM melissa.hensley@LMUnet.edu
Hensley, Tammy Custodian 423.869.6402 Maintenance Building tammy.hensley@LMUnet.edu
Hermey, Donna Professor of Anatomy, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7127 Math and Science Building 410 donna.hermey@LMUnet.edu
Herrell, Penelope Duncan School of Law 865.524.5286 DSOL penelope.herrell@LMUnet.edu
Hess, Clayton Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Instructor of Human Services 423.869.6377 Duke 201 clayton.hess@LMUnet.edu
Hess, Earl Associate Professor, History/The Stewart McClelland Distinguished Professor in Humanities 423.869.6297 Avery Hall 210 earl.hess@LMUnet.edu
Hicks, Aja Administrative Coordinator CVM 423.869.7150 Math and Science Building 315 aja.hicks@LMUnet.edu
Hicks, Kerry Instructor of Nursing 423.869.6073 Math and Science Building kerry.hicks@LMUnet.edu
Hinkes, Dave Associate Professor of Marketing 865.531.4143 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site dave.hinkes@LMUnet.edu
Hinojosa, Jaime

Assistant Professor, Anatomy & Physiology

423.869.6775 Math and Science Building jaime.hinojosa@LMUnet.edu
Hobbs, Rex Associate Director PA Programs & Associate Professor PA Studies 423.869.6086 DCOM 422 rex.hobbs@LMUnet.edu
Hoellman, John Assistant Professor, Biology 423.869.7184 Math and Science Building 339 john.hoellman@LMUnet.edu
Hoelscher, James Assistant Dean School of Business, Graduate programs/Assistant Professor of Business 865.531.4146 LMU-Cedar Bluff 163B james.hoelscher@LMUnet.edu
Hoffsis, Glen Dean/Professor of Veterinary Medicine, CVM, Associate Vice President, Health Sciences 865.585.0481 Math and Science Building 320D glen.hoffsis@LMUnet.edu
Holbrook, Zachariah Network Services Coordinator 423.869.7411 Duke Hall ishelpdesk@lmunet.edu
Holt, Roger Assistant Professor of Management 423.869.6699 Business-Education Building 140 roger.holt@LMUnet.edu
Honeycutt, Dexter Construction Coordinator 423.869.6406 Pace House dexter.honeycutt@LMUnet.edu
Hood-Wells, Victoria D. Adjunct Clinical Nursing Staff   Cedar Bluff victoria.hoodwells@LMUnet.edu
Hopkins, Mary Manager of Examination Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7161 DCOM 103 mary.hopkins@LMUnet.edu
Hoskins, Benjamin  Groundskeeper 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building  benjamin.hoskins@LMUnet.edu
Hoskins, Jerry Groundskeeper 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building benjamin.hoskins@LMUnet.edu
Hoskins, Joyce Custodian 423.869.6425 Maintenance Buiding joyce.hoskins@LMUnet.edu
Hoskins, Kari Rotations Coordinator 423.869.7406 DCOM 339 kari.hoskins@LMUnet.edu
Hounshell, Judith

Adjunct Librarian

423.869.7079 Finley Learning Resources Center judith.hounshell@LMUnet.edu
Hubbard, Charles Professor of History /Abraham Lincoln Historian 423.869.6354 Avery Hall 216 charles.hubbard@LMUnet.edu
Hudson, CJ Maintenance Worker   Maintenance Building carlton.hudson@LMUnet.edu
Hudson, Kristina Instructor, JFWA 423.869.6487 JFWA kristina.hudson@LMUnet.edu
Hull, Stephanie Director of Didactic Education Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.6266 DCOM 428


Human, Kathy Security Officer II 423.869.6701 Museum kathy.human@LMUnet.edu
Humfleet, Melissa Instructor, Nursing 423.869.7007 Math and Science Building 258 melissa.humfleet@LMUnet.edu
Hunley, Jennifer Assistant Clinical Coordinator, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6679 DCOM 4th Floor PA Program jennifer.hunley@LMUnet.edu
Hunley, Kimberly Security Communications Operator 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena kimberly.hunley@LMUnet.edu
Hunter, Jason Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building jason.hunter@LMUnet.edu
Hurley, Ashley Head News Writer, Sigmon Communications Center 423.869.7417 Sigmon Communications Center ashley.collingsworth@LMUnet..edu
Husk, Cindi Coordinator, Student Services Morristown:  423.318.2750
Sevierville:  865.286.2777
Kingsport: 423-354-5522
LMU-Walters State Community College, Morristown, Sevierville, and Kingsport cindi.husk@LMUnet.edu
Hutcherson, Gloria MANS Building Receptionist/Building Coordinator 423.869.6000 Math and Science Building gloria.hutcherson@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Iliff, Stan Lab Facilities Manager 423.869.6337 Math and Science Building 409 stan.iliff@LMUnet.edu
Ingram, Shannon Administrative Assistant, Nursing (Main Campus) 423.869.6210 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor shannon.ingram@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Jarstfer, Amiel Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences 423.869.6364 Math and Science Building 327F amiel.jarstfer@LMUnet.edu
Jephcott, Michelle Paralegal & Contracts Coordinator 865.545.5321 DSOL 248 michelle.jephcott@LMUnet.edu
John, Robert Associate Professor of Physiology 865.545.7757 DCOM robert.john@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Fruzsina Assistant Professor of Physiology DCOM 423.869.7098 DCOM 229 fruzsina.johnson@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Jason Medical Director of Large Animal Teaching and Research Center/Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine, CVM 423.869.6028 Math and Science Building 307 jason.johnson@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Judy Instructor of Nursing 423.869.6072 Math and Science Building 236 judy.johnson@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Lucas Senior Computer Support Technician 423.869.7411 Duke IS ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Lyndon "L.B." Maintenance Staff 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building lyndon.johnson@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Robert Chair, Physiology and Pharmacology/Associate Professor, Physiology 423.869.7757 DCOM 215 robert.johnson02@LMUnet.edu
Jones, Ann-Marie Assistant Professor of Social Work 423.869.7158 Avery 311 ann-marie.jones@LMUnet.edu
Jones, Billy Custodian 423.869.6402 Maintenance Building billy.jones@LMUnet.edu
Jones, James Steve Adjunct MLP Business     james.jones@LMUnet.edu
Jones, Kevin R. Associate Professor, Graduate Education 423.869.7064 Business-Education Building kevin.jones@LMUnet.edu
Jones, Lisa Athletic Administrative Assistant/Scheduling Coordinator 423.869.6285 Tex Turner Arena lisa.jones@LMUnet.edu
Jones, Sherman

Assistant Professor of Business & Interim Dean, School of Business

423.869.6298 Business-Education Building 106 sherman.jones@LMUnet.edu
Jordan, Angela Executive Assistant to the Vice President for University Advancement 423.869.7072 Kresge Hall angela.jordan@LMUnet.edu
Justice, Jessica Controller 423.869.6284 Duke Hall 301 jessica.justice@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Kelly, Courtney M. Administrative Assistant, Dean of Academics, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5324 DSOL 230 courtney.kelly02@LMUnet.edu
Kennedy, Joseph Assistant Professor, OB/GYN 423.869.7076 DCOM 211 joseph.kennedy@LMUnet.edu
Kertis, Kimberly Research Specialist, Health Sciences 423.869.6441 DCOM 212 kimberly.kertis@LMUnet.edu
Kiick, Dennis Vice President of Research, LMU/Assistant Vice President of Research, Health Sciences/Professor of Biochemistry, DCOM 423.869.7086 DCOM 220 dennis.kiick@LMUnet.edu
Kim, JooHee Chief Operating Officer for Health Sciences/Assistant Professor of Health Sciences, DCOM 423.869.7083 DCOM 332 joohee.kim@LMUnet.edu
Kim, Young Interim Instructor of Music 423.869.6449 Avery Hall 317 young.kim@LMUnet.edu
King, Libby Director, Human Resources 423.869.6358 Duke Hall libby.king@LMUnet.edu
King, Rickey

Director Nurse Anesthesia Concentration/Asst. Professor Nursing

423.869.7117 Math and Science Building rickey.king@LMUnet.edu
Kishpaugh, Jason

Director of Counseling

423.869.6401 Grant Lee 102 jason.kishpaugh@LMUnet.edu
Klepac, Matthew

Academic Support Coordinator, Cornerstone Program

423.869.6728 Finley Learning Resources Center matthew.klepac@LMUnet.edu
Knight, Ashley

Coordinator of Operations, College of Veterinary Medicine

423.869.6037 Math and Science Building 313 ashley.knight@lmunet.edu
Knuckles, Terri Executive Assistant, School of Education 423.869.6223 Business-Education Building terri.knuckles@LMUnet.edu
Koh, JaeHan Assistant Professor Business 865.531.4103 Cedar Bluff 110 jaehan.koh@LMUnet.edu
Kolb, Arnetia Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building arnetia.kolb@LMUnet.edu
Krygsheld, Daniel

Natural Sciences Lab Coordinator

423.869.6214 Math and Science Building daniel.krygsheld@LMUnet.edu
Kuhn, Ryan

Director of Lacrosse

423.869.6079   ryan.kuhn@LMUnet.edu
Kunigelis, Stan Director, Center of Imaging and Analysis/Professor, Physiology 423.869.6818 DCOM 217 stan.kunigelis@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Lamb, Robin Admissions Assistant, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7401 DCOM 309 robin.lamb@LMUnet.edu
Landry, William Adjunct - Communications 423.869.6203   william.landry@LMUnet.edu
Lasley, Greg Advisor, Student Support Services 423.869.6209 Finley Learning Resources Center greg.lasley@LMUnet.edu
Laughlin, Vonda Adjunct Professor, Duncan School of Law 865.524.5286 DSOL vonda.laughlin@LMUnet.edu
Laws, Ashley Director of Furniture Procurement 423.869.6470 Grant Lee Hall ashley.laws@LMUnet.edu
Laws, David Director of Infrastructure Management 423.869.6418 Pace House david.laws@LMUnet.edu
Layden, Natalie Head Women's Softball Coach 423.869.6476 Softball Fieldhouse natalie.layden@LMUnet.edu
Layel, Sabrina Senior Staff Accountant 423.869.6229 Duke Hall sabrina.layel@LMUnet.edu
Leach, Michael

Security Officer I (VA Site)

423.869.6911   michael.leach@LMUnet.edu
Lear, Christy

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Lee, Tonya Administrative Assistant, Caylor School of Nursing 423.869.6324 Math and Science Building tonya.lee@LMUnet.edu
Leo, Jonathan Chair of Anatomy and Professor of Neuroanatomy, Assistant Provost for Medical Programs 423.869.7094 DCOM 323 jonathan.leo@LMUnet.edu
Leonard, Raymond Maintenance Worker     raymond.leonard@LMUnet.edu
Leslie, Renee

Director of Aquatic Services

423.869.6243 DAR 308 renee.leslie@LMUnet.edu
Lester, Pamela Employee Recruitment, Training and Safety Administrator 423.869.7157 Duke Hall 202 pamela.lester@LMUnet.edu
Lester, Robert

Assistant Dean for Clinical Relations

423.869.6019 Math and Science Building 115 robert.lester@LMUnet.edu
Lewis, Joy Instructor, Nurse Anesthesia Program 423.869.7205 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor joy.lewis@LMUnet.edu
Lewis, Kay Administrative Assistant Department of Graduate Education 423.869.7068 Business-Education Building kay.lewis@LMUnet.edu
Lindsey, Jeff Electrician/Maintenance Worker 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building
Lingerfelt, Carrie

Instructor of Nursing

Linzmeier, Stephen

Strength and Conditioning Coach

423.869.6097   stephen.linzmeier@LMUnet.edu
Lipscomb, Donnie Senior Director of Alumni Services 423.869.6353 Kresge Hall donnie.lipscomb@LMUnet.edu
Lockhart, Bobby Athletic Director, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.6293 JFWA bobby.lockhart@LMUnet.edu
Long, Ann Digital Resources Librarian, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5306 DSOL 119 ann.long@LMUnet.edu
Long, Sean Admissions Counselor 423.869.6712 DAR 205 sean.long@LMUnet.edu
Love, Tracey Security Communications Operator 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena  tracey.love@LMUnet.edu
Loving, Denton Director, Prospect Research 423.869.6432 Kresge Hall denton.loving@LMUnet.edu
Lowe, Dustin Heavy Equipment Operator/ Grounds Worker 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building dustin.lowe@LMUnet.edu
Luna, Angel Assistant Professor Visual Art 423.869.6256   angel.luna@LMUnet.edu
Luntsford, Carol Financial Aid Officer 423.869.7169 DAR 118 carol.luntsford@LMUnet.edu
Lynch, Sylvia Department Chair of Undergraduate Education, Program Director of Initial Teacher Licensure Undergraduate 423.869.6372 Business-Education Building 220 sylvia.lynch@LMUnet.edu
Lyon, Matthew Associate Professor of Law 865.545.5318 DSOL 317 matthew.lyon@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Mace, Robin Assistant Director of Admissions, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6747 DCOM 317 robin.mace@LMUnet.edu
Mackie, Thomas Director, Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum 423.869.7100 Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum thomas.mackie@LMUnet.edu
Madden, Jared Assistant Professor of OPP Family Medicine 423.869.6025 DCOM 131 jared.madden@LMUnet.edu
Mann, Jeffrey Assistant Professor, PA Program & Assistant Professor of Pediatrics 423.869.7122 DCOM 427 jeffrey.mann@LMUnet.edu
Mansfield, Jack Director of Initiatives, Faculty Athletics Representative to NCAA, Associate Professor of HPEES 423.869.6322 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium jack.mansfield@LMUnet.edu
Marcum, Geraldine Administrative Assistant, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.6234 JFWA geraldine.marcum@LMUnet.edu
Marcum, Olivia

Administrative Assistant, Didactic Ed, PA Program

423.869.6438 DCOM 424 olivia.marcum@LMUnet.edu
Mars, Mary Instructor, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.6334 JFWA 303 mary.mars@LMUnet.edu
Marsh, Katherine Information Services Librarian 865.545.5309 DSOL 336 katherine.marsh@LMUnet.edu
Martin, Glenda Clinical Instructor, Nursing 423.869.6324 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor glenda.martin@LMUnet.edu
Martin, Janette Director of Admissions, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7102 DCOM 316 janette.martin@LMUnet.edu
Martin, Summer Director of Marketing & PR LMU Health Sciences


DCOM 329 summer.martin@LMUnet.edu
Massengill, Curtis Instructor, J. Frank White Academy  423.869.6234 JFWA curtis.massengill@LMUnet.edu
Mason, Aprile Executive Assistant for Finance 423.869.7065 Duke Hall aprile.mason@LMUnet.edu
Mason, Mary Kaye Preceptor Relations Coordinator 423.869.6716 DCOM 424 mary.mason@LMUnet.edu
Mason, Patricia Administrative Assistant, Athletic Training 423.869.6813 Parkway Athletic Training Clinic patricia.mason@LMUnet.edu
Mason, Sherri Biller/Coder/Analyst, UMC   University Medical Clinic sherri.mason@LMUnet.edu
Mason, Verna G. Clinical Instructor, Nursing 423.869.6324 Harrogate verna.mason@LMUnet.edu
Mathews, Randy

Associate Dean for Enrollment Services

865.545.5303 DSOL 253 randy.mathews@LMUnet.edu
Matthews, Julia

Faculty Assistant DSOL

  DSOL julie.mathews@LMUnet.edu
Matlock, Elizabeth

BSN Staff Position

Mayes, Melvel

Security Officer I (VA Site)

423.869.6911   melvel.mayes@LMUnet.edu
McCampbell, Martha LMU Attorney

865.279.2005 DSOL/Harrogate martha.mccampbell@LMUnet.edu
McCarren, Donald Associate Professor, Business 423.869.6450 Business-Education Building 122 donald.mccarren@LMUnet.edu
McCarter, Melissa Marie Adjunct Clinical Nursing Staff 423.869.6324   melissa.mccarter@LMUnet.edu
McClelland, Shelley Administrative Assistant, Faculty Coordinator Clinical Medicine 423.869.7087 DCOM 114 shelley.mcclelland@lmunet.edu
McConnell, Jason Chief Technology Officer 423.869.6333 Duke Hall jason.mcconnell@LMUnet.edu
McCoy, Timothy J. Assistant Professor of Business 423.869.6379 Business-Education Building 139 timmy.mccoy@LMUnet.edu
McCreary, Sherry Director of Admissions 423.869.6467 DAR 204 sherry.mccreary@LMUnet.edu
McCroskey, Diane Clinical Supervisor     diane.mccroskey@LMUnet.edu
McCurry, Amy

Large Animal Veterinary Technician

423.869.6093 Math and Science Building 306 amy.mccurry@LMUnet.edu
McCurry, Joshua

Farm Manager

McDonnell, Janice Reference and Bibliographic Instruction Librarian 423.869.6352 Finley Learning Resources Center janice.mcdonnell@LMUnet.edu
McGarry, Kathleen B. Adjunct Nursing 423.869.6324   kathleen.mcgarry@LMUnet.edu
McGinley, Mark Assistant Professor of Theatre & Technical Director/Designer LMU Theatre 423.869.6265 Avery Hall 112 mark.mcginley@LMUnet.edu
McMahan, Gloria Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4159 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site gloria.mcmahan@LMUnet.edu
McMeel, Erlinda Administrative Assistant, Director of Infrastructure Management 423.869.6406 Pace House erlinda.mcmeel@LMUnet.edu
McMurray, Michael Circulation Supervisor 423.869.6219 Finley Learning Resources Center 1st Floor michael.mcmurray@LMUnet.edu
McNeal, Ahleasha Instructor of Instructor of Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science 423.869.6371 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium ahleasha.hill@LMUnet.edu
McRee, Andrew Director of Career Services, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5335 DSOL 257 andrew.mcree@LMUnet.edu
Meadows, Adam Instructor of Mathematics 423.869.6668 Math and Science Building 341 adam.meadows@LMUnet.edu
Meggs, Claire Associate Professor, Nursing 865.531.4128 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 177B claire.meggs@LMUnet.edu
Meldrum, April DSOL Associate Dean for Accreditation and Associate Professor of Law 865.545.5319 DSOL 231 april.meldrum@LMUnet.edu
Metcalf, David Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Studies/Director, Preceptor Recruitment and Development, PA Program 423.869.7755 DCOM 408 david.metcalf@LMUnet.edu
Michael, Jenny Head Volleyball Coach 423.869.6246 Mars Gym jenny.michael@LMUnet.edu
Mihalczo, Margaret Adjunct, Psych Mental Health, Caylor School of Nursing 423.869.6324 Cedar Bluff margaret.mihalczo@LMUnet.edu
Miksa, Paula Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Studies/Director, Clinical Education, PA Program 423.869.6821 DCOM 434 paula.miksa@LMUnet.edu
Miller, Carmen Instructor of Nursing 865.724.1434 LMU-Blount Site115 carmen.miller@LMUnet.edu
Mills, Donna Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4131 LMU-Blount Site donna.mills@LMUnet.edu
Minton, Alice Switchboard Operator 423.869.7411 Duke Hall ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
Miracle, Heather Transfer Transcript Evaluator 423.869.7165 DAR 106 heather.miracle@LMUnet.edu
Miracle, Kayla

Medical Assistant

Miracle, Mark Groundskeeper 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building mark.miracle@LMUnet.edu
Miracle, Melissa Post Award Grants Manager 423.869.6834 Duke Hall 304 melissa.miracle02@LMUnet.edu
Miracle, Thomas Video Editor   Sigmon Communications Center thomas.miracle@LMUnet.edu
Mobley, Janet Assistant Professor of Grad Ed/Field Placement Coordinator Masters in Initial Teacher Licensure     janet.mobley@LMUnet.edu
Modrcin, Mary Anne Assistant Provost for Nursing and Allied Health, Dean of Nursing and Professor of Nursing 423.869.6319 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor/LMU-Cedar Bluff Site maryanne.modrcin@LMUnet.edu
Moody, Travis  Creative Coordinator/Academic Liaison 423.869.6356 Cumberland Gap travis.moody@LMUnet.edu
Moore, John Assistant Director, Institutional Research 423.869.7089 Duke Hall 304 john.moore@LMUnet.edu
Moraes, Adriano Men's and Women's Assistant Soccer Coach 423.869.6340 Tex Turner Arena - Soccer Office adriano.moraes@LMUnet.edu
Moran, Mark Assistant Professor of PA Studies and Associate Program Director, PA Program 423.869.6843 DCOM 422 mark.moran@LMUnet.edu
Morris, Amy Clinical Care Assistant, University Medical Clinic   University Medical Clinic amy.morris@LMUnet.edu
Moyers, Debra Director of Administrative Systems & User Support Services 423.869.6469 Duke Hall debra.moyers@LMUnet.edu
Moyers, Jeremiah "Adam" Programmer Analyst 423.869.7411 Duke Hall ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
Mullins, Melody

Administrative Assistant Blount Extended Site

865.273.1544 LMU-Blount Site melody.mullins@LMUnet.edu
Mullins, Rodney Plumber 423.869.6464 Maintenance rodney.mullins@LMUnet.edu
Mullins, Stephanie Part-time Administrative Assistant, Physicians Regional Medical Center 865.545.8491 Physicians Regional Medical Center stephanie.mullins@LMUnet.edu
Muncy, Travis Men's and Women's Golf Coach 423.869.6383 LMU Driving Range travis.muncy@LMUnet.edu
Murphree, Patricia Adjunct Professor, Graduate Education 423.869.6217 Business-Education Building patricia.murphree@LMUnet.edu
Murphy, Misty Administrative Assistant, Cedar Bluff 865.531.4100 Cedar Bluff Site misty.murphy@LMUnet.edu
Murphy, Steven Police Officer/Campus & Public Safety Specialist 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena steve.murphy@LMUnet.edu
Murray, Laura Emerging Technologies Specialist 865.531.4153 Cedar Bluff Site laura.murray@LMUnet.edu
Myers, Melisa Police Officer 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena melisa.myers@LMUnet.edu
Myers, Nancy Perkey Director, Clinical Education, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6695 DCOM 312 nancy.myers@LMUnet.edu
Myers,Samantha Director of Social Networking 423.869.6270 Kresge Hall samantha.myers@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Nader, Paul

Instructor of Veterinary Anatomy

  DVTC, Veterinary Skills Center, 104 paul.nader@LMUnet.edu
Napier, Holly Master of Science Recruitment & Student Services Coordinator 423.869.6027 Math and Science Building 3rd Floor holly.napier@LMUnet.edu
Neeley, Jill Director, Student Accounts 423.869.6282 DAR 101 jill.neeley@LMUnet.edu
Neilson, Joanna Assistant Professor of History 423.869.6427 Avery Hall 208 joanna.neilson@LMUnet.edu
Nelson, Amy Clinical Supervisor, Veterinary Technology Program 423.869.6205 Schenck Center for Allied Health Sciences 121 amy.nelson@LMUnet.edu
Nelson, John Osteopathic Bio-Medical Research Assistant   DCOM 103 john.nelson@LMUnet.edu
Nelson, Pamela Body Donation Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6745 Math and Science Building 4th Floor pamela.nelson@LMUnet.edu
Newcome, Jennifer Electronic Resources Librarian 423.869.7113 Finley Learning Resources Center jennifer.newcome@LMUnet.edu
Newman, Courtney Adjunct Nursing 423.869.6324   courtney.newman@LMUnet.edu
Noah, Tanya Instructor, Mathematics 423.869.7110 Math and Science Building 343 tanya.noah@LMUnet.edu
Noe, Stephen Assistant Professor of PA Studies   DCOM stephen.noe@LMUnet.edu
Norris, Howard Associate Professor, Graduate Education 423.869.6374 Business-Education Building howard.norris@LMUnet.edu
Nunn, Allen Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building allen.nunn@LMUnet.edu
Nunn, Kelly Clinical Supervisor 865.531.4155   kelly.nunn@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


O'Dell, John Assistant Professor, Graduate Education 423.869.7207 Business-Education Building john.odell@LMUnet.edu
Odle, Crystal Asst. Director Nurse Anesthesia Concentrations and Assistant Professor of Nursing 423.869.6723 Math and Science Building crystal.odle@LMUnet.edu
Offoha, Eugene Assistant Professor, Business / Chair, Accounting 423.869.7199 Business-Education Building 131 eugene.offoha@LMUnet.edu
Oke, Okeniyi Associate Professor, Business 423.869.7190 Business-Education Building 119 okeniyi.oke@LMUnet.edu
Osborn, Gerald Master of Science, Biomedical Professional Program Director 423.869.6029 Math and Science Building 338 gerald.osborn@lmunet.edu
Osborne, Jacqueline Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building jacqueline.osborne@LMUnet.edu
Overton, Ginger Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building ginger.overton@LMUnet.edu
Owens, Jason

Security Officer I (VA Site)

423.869.6911   jason.owens@LMUnet.edu
Owens, Richard Director of Campus Safety and Facilities Management 423.869.7410 Grant Lee Hall richard.owens@LMUnet.edu
Owens, Susan Admissions Coordinator, Physician Assistant Program 423.869.6669 DCOM 423 susan.owens@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Palazzolo, Dominic Professor, Physiology 423.869.6680 DCOM 214 dominic.palazzolo@LMUnet.edu
Paris, Kay Professor of Social Work/Chair, Department of Social Work 423.869.6323 Avery Hall 312 kay.paris@LMUnet.edu
Park, Margaret Mary Academic Support Assistant, Cedar Bluff, School of Education 865.531.4109 Cedar Bluff margaret.park@LMUnet.edu
Parks, Jennifer Sigmon Office Manager 423.869.7095 Sigmon Communications Center jennifer.parks@LMUnet.edu
Parks, Jill Practice Manager, University Medical Clinic 423.869.6710 University Medical Clinic jill.parks@LMUnet.edu
Patil, Tracy Assistant Professor, Nursing/ Site Co-coordinator Corbin Campus 606.523.8654 LMU-Corbin Site tracy.patil@LMUnet.edu
Patterson, Genell

Student Services and Admissions Coordinator, CVM

423.869.6078 Math and Science Building 312 genell.patterson@LMUnet.edu
Patterson, Rebecca Assistant Professor, Social Work 423.869.6332 Avery Hall 310 rebecca.patterson@LMUnet.edu
Peace, Pat Director, Financial Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7107 DCOM 320 pat.peace@LMUnet.edu
Peace, Rusty Director, Sports Media and Marketing 423.869.7413 Sigmon Communications Center rusty.peace@LMUnet.edu
Pearman, Sherry Director, Nursing Enrollment 423.869.6283 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor sherry.pearman@LMUnet.edu
Pebworth, Katherine Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science 423.869.6461 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium katherine.pebworth@LMUnet.edu
Perry, Dwan

Director of Sports Medicine/Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

423.869.6277   dwan.perry@LMUnet.edu
Petersen, David

Health Services Librarian

  Finley Learning Resources Center david.petersen@LMUnet.edu
Pettit, Amy Instructor, Nursing 865.545.8107 LMU-St. Mary's Medical Center Site amy.pettit@LMUnet.edu
Phillips, Billie Instructor of Nursing; Chair, BSN Program 865.531.4123 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 180 billie.phillips@LMUnet.edu
Phillips, Jeffrey Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine, CVM 423.869.7150   jeffrey.phillips@LMUnet.edu
Polk, Xanshunta Assistant Professor, Marketing / Chair, Marketing 423.869.7006 Business-Education Building 120 xan.polk@LMUnet.edu
Poore, Debbie Clinical Instructor, Nursing 423.869.6324   debbie.poore@LMUnet.edu
Poore, Kenneth

Maintenance Worker/Electrician

423.869.6464 Maintenance Building kenneth.poore@LMUnet.edu
Poore, Troy

Title IX Coordinator

423.869.7103 DAR 301 troy.poore@LMUnet.edu
Porter, Bill Director of Sports Statistics and Publications 423.869.6376 Tex Turner Arena bill.porter@LMUnet.edu
Powers, Alan Police Officer 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena alan.powers@LMUnet.edu
Powers, Carrie Office Assistant/Referral Coordinator UMC 423.869.6367 University Medical Clinic carrie.powers@LMUnet.edu
Price, Bonnie Assistant Professor of Vet Science & Veterinarian   Schenck Center for Allied Health Sciences bonnie.price@LMUnet.edu
Price, David Instructor of Nursing 865-531-4136 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site david.price@LMUnet.edu
Prince, Ashleigh Assistant Professor of Chemistry 423.869.7012 Math and Science Building 344 ashleigh.prince@LMUnet.edu
Pullen, Lisa Director, FPMHNP Concentration/Professor, Nursing 865.531.4134 174B LMU - Cedar Bluff Site lisa.pullen@LMUnet.edu
Pullen, Rebekkah Coordinator of Nursing Recruitment and Advising 865.531.4120 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site rebekkah.pullen02@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Ramsey, Angela Custodian     angela.ramsey@LMUnet.edu
Ramsey, Shala Accounts Payable Clerk 423.869.6288 Duke Hall 301 shala.ramsey@LMUnet.edu
Reagan, Kate Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations 423.869.6389 Kresge Hall kate.reagan@LMUnet.edu
Redmond, Debbie Administrative Assistant, Clinical Medicine DCOM 423.869.6082 DCOM debbie.redmond@LMUnet.edu
Redmond, J. P. Grounds 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building jp.redmond@LMUnet.edu
Redmond, Jana Information Literacy Librarian 423.869.6327   jana.redmond@LMUnet.edu
Redmond, Ralph Security Officer I 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena  ralph.redmond@LMUnet.edu
Reed, Sam Utilities Manager 423.869.6357 Water Plant sam.reed@LMUnet.edu
Reed, Sherry Administrative Assistant, LMU-Corbin Campus 606.523.8658 LMU-Corbin Site sherry.reed@LMUnet.edu
Reid, Melanie Assistant Professor of Law 865.545.5314 DSOL 315


Reynoldson, Deborah Nursing Faculty Lab Coordinator-Cedar Bluff/Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4130 Blount 114 deborah.reynoldson@LMUnet.edu
Rhodes, Delaina Instructor, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.6272 JFWA delaina.rhodes@LMUnet.edu
Riggs, Marsa L. Administrative Assistant, Office of the President 423.869.6392 Student Center marsa.riggs@LMUnet.edu
Risner, William Instructor, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.6234 JFWA william.risner@LMUnet.edu
Roark, Kristina Clinical Instructor, Nursing 423.869.6324   kristina.roark@LMUnet.edu
Robbins, Chad Senior Financial Aid Officer – Athletics Liaison 423.869.6824 DAR 115 chad.robbins@LMUnet.edu
Robertson, Justin Adjunct – Education – Master of Education Program 423.869.6223 Cleveland site justin.robertson@LMUnet.edu
Robinette, Jesse A. Adjunct Graduate Education     jesse.robinette@LMUnet.edu
Robinson, Kathleen

Site Coordinator, Cedar Bluff

865.531.4105 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site kathleen.robinson@LMUnet.edu
Rogers, Toby Associate Professor, Education 865.531.4114 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site 123 toby.rogers@LMUnet.edu
Rollins, Adam Associate Professor, Biology, Chair of the Department of Biology 423.869.6421 Math and Science Building 329 adam.rollins@LMUnet.edu
Rowlett, Steven Full-Time Security Officer I 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena steven.rowlett@LMUnet.edu
Roy, Carolynn Access Services Librarian 423.869.6081 Finley Learning Resources Center carolynn.roy@LMUnet.edu
Roy, Robyn Custodian 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building robyn.roy@LMUnet.edu
Russell, Gordon Associate Dean, Professor of Law and Director, School of Law Library 865.545.5305 DSOL 320 gordon.russell@LMUnet.edu
Russell, JoAnn

Assistant Director of International Programs

423.869.7763 DAR 302 joann.russell@LMUnet.edu
Rutland, Jamie Academic Support Assistant, M.Ed in Initial Licensure 865.531.4116 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site jamie.rutland@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Salata, Debra Assistant Professor, History 423.869.7154 Avery Hall 204 debra.salata@LMUnet.edu
Sandefur, Amy Administrative Asst. Academic Services & Assessment 423.869.7056 DCOM 312 amy.sandefur@LMUnet.edu
Sandefur, Matthew

Chief of Police/Security

423.869.6700 Tex Turner Arena matthew.sandefur@LMUnet.edu
Sangchompuphen Tommy Associate Professor of Law, Duncan School of Law 865.565.5343 DSOL 238 tommy.sangchompuphen@LMUnet.edu
Savage, Jennifer Asst. Professor of Nursing/Assistant Director of FNP Concentration 865.531.4112 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site jennifer.savage@LMUnet.edu
Saylor, Nicole Director of Special Projects 423.869.6013 Cumberland Gap nicole.saylor@LMUnet.edu
Saylor, Sandra Assistant Coordinator of Financial Aid Operations 423.869.6388 DAR 117 sandra.saylor@LMUnet.edu

Scent, Jonah

Interim Executive Director of Financial Aid 423.869.6274 DAR 114 jonah.scent@LMUnet.edu
Schadler, Tod Veterinary Recruitment, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.6841 Math and Science Building 320A tod.schadler@LMUnet.edu
Scheidler, Martha Director, Foundations 423.869.6398 Kresge Hall martha.scheidler@LMUnet.edu
Scherrer, Phillip

Assistant Professor of Business / Chair, Management

423.869.6837 Business-Educaton Building 122 phillip.scherrer@LMUnet.edu
Schertz, Josh Head Men's Basketball Coach 423.869.6240 Tex Turner Arena josh.schertz@LMUnet.edu
Schneider, Sheree Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems 423.869.6369 Business-Educaton Building 140 sheree.schneider@LMUnet.edu
Schott, Rachel Director of Candidate Recruitment and Retention 423.869.7414 Business-Education Building rachel.schott@lmunet.edu
Scott, Cheryl Instructor, Nursing 423.869.6723 Math and Science Building 252 cheryl.scott@LMUnet.edu
Seabolt, Joe Maintenance Worker 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building joe.seabolt@LMUnet.edu
Seal, Myra Kim Receptionist, University Medical Clinic 423.869.7193 University Medical Clnic myra.seal@LMUnet.edu
Seals, Roger Maintenance Worker 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building roger.seals@LMUnet.edu
Seaman, Michael Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine/Family Medicine 423.869.6341 DCOM 338


Security Campus Security 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena  
Seelhorst, Charlene Instructor, JFWA/Assistant to the Principal 423.869.6419 JFWA charlene.seelhorst@LMUnet.edu
Sellers, Martin P. Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/ Professor of Government 423.869.6815 Avery 101 martin.sellers@LMUnet.edu
Senter, Sarah Extended Learning Sites Librarian 865.531.4119 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site sarah.senter@LMUnet.edu
Shackleford, Tammy Staff Accountant 423.869.6817 Duke Hall 301 tammy.shackleford@LMUnet.edu
Shay, Eva Assistant Professor of OMM, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7010 DCOM 133 eva.shay@LMUnet.edu
Shelburne, Lisa Career Services Coordinator, DCOM 423.869.6832 DCOM lisa.shelburne@LMUnet.edu
Shell, Charlie

Manager of the Faculty Club

423.869.7131 University Inn charlie.shell@lmunet.edu
Shepherd, Joshua Assistant Professor PA Studies   DCOM joshua.shepherd@LMUnet.edu
Shepherd, Samuel Assistant Professor of Education     samuel.shepherd@LMUnet.edu
Shields, Nicole Assistant Professor of Family Medicine 423.869.6041 DCOM nicole.shields@LMUnet.edu
Shipley, William Clinical Instructor, Nurse Anesthesia 423.869.6324   william.shipley@LMUnet.edu
Shirley, Natalie Assistant Professor, Anatomy/DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6363 Math and Science Building 430 natalie.shirley@LMUnet.edu
Shiroda, Dawn Front Desk Clerk , University Medical Clinic 423.869.3611 University Medical Clinic dawn.shiroda@LMUnet.edu
Short, Melissa Benefits Administrator 423.869.6825 2nd Floor Duke Hall


Shroulote, Charlene

Visiting Lecturer of Criminology & Criminal Justice

423.869.6772 Avery Hall 301


Silberman, Peter Asst. Professor of Education/Ed. D. Program 865.545.5338 DSOL peter.silberman@LMUnet.edu
Singer, Carolyn Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4127 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site carolyn.singer@LMUnet.edu
Singleton, Kim Clinical/Lab Coordinator, Nursing 865.545.3147 Physicians Regional Medical Center kim.singleton@LMUnet.edu
Sigmon, Brent Adjunct, Economics (Business) 423.869.6254   brent.sigmon@LMUnet.edu
Slager, Ward L Adjunct, Physics 423.869.7071   leslie.slager@LMUnet.edu
Slavin, Laura Technical Services Librarian 423.869.6218 Finley Learning Resources Center laura.slavin@LMUnet.edu
Slaven, Rick

Director, Center for Simulation and Training

423.869.6453 DCOM 311 rick.slaven@LMUnet.edu
Smallwood, Jonathan Adm. Assist. ALLM 423.869.6235 Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum jonathan.smallwood@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Clandis Network Administrator/IT Harrogate 423.869.7411 Duke Hall ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
Smith, D. Jackie Assistant Professor of Education 423.869.7153 Business-Education Building dennis.smith@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Evelyn Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs/Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems 423.869.6360 Duke Hall 201 evelyn.smith@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Janet Executive Assistant, Office of the President 423.869.6287 Student Center janet.smith@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Kristen Administrative Assistant, Cedar Bluff Grad Education 865.531.4110 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 113B kristen.smith862@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Matthew Computer Support Technician 423.869.7411 Duke Hall  ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Mike Associate Athletic Director and Compliance 423.869.6239 Tex Turner Arena mike.smith@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Philip Director of QEP 423.869.6397 Finley Learning Resources Center philip.smith@LMUnet.edu
Smith-Yanez, Robert

Computer Support Technician

423.869.7411 Duke Hall ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
Snow, Jaimee Police and Fire Prevention Officer 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena jaimee.snow@LMUnet.edu
Sowers, Angie Instructor Nursing 606.523.8678 LMU-Corbin Site angie.sowers@LMUnet.edu
Spade, Sherri Office Assistant, University Medical Clinic 423.869.7196 UMC sherri.spade@LMUnet.edu
Spar, Natalie Assistant Professor of English 423.869.6271 Avery 100 natalie.spar@LMUnet.edu
Spears, Shane

Asstistant Professor of Physician Asst. Studies

423.869.6344 DCOM 425 shane.spears@LMUnet.edu
Spinelli, Robert Adjunt, Business 423.869.6254   robert.spinelli@LMUnet.edu
Spinosa, Anthony

Operations Manager, Sigmon

423.869.6685 Sigmon Communications Center anthony.spinosa@LMUnet.edu
Spurlock, Amy


423.869.6014   amy.spurlock@LMUnet.edu
Stanczak, Ava Assistant Dean of Clinical Medicine & Professor of Pediatrics 423.869.6661 DCOM 130


Stanifer, Clay Program Director, Sigmon Communications   Sigmon Communications Center clay.stanifer@LMUnet.edu
Stanley, Ashley Assistant Professor of Education     ashley.stanley@LMUnet.edu
Stanley, Joyce Bursar 423.869.6305 DAR 103 joyce.stanley@LMUnet.edu
Stapleton, Elaine Administrative Coordinator, TOMEC (DCOM) 423.869.7171 DCOM 3rd Floor Executive Suite elaine.stapleton@LMUnet.edu
Stapleton, Maria

Assistant Men’s & Women’s Golf Coach

Stark, Stephenie

Assistant Professor of Athletic Training & Clinical Education Coordinator

423.869.6423 Tex Turner Arena  stephenie.stark@LMUnet.edu
Steelman, Glenna Instructor, Nursing     glenna.steelman@LMUnet.edu
Stephens, Karen Instructor, Nursing   LMU-Corbin Site karen.stephens@LMUnet.edu
Stevenson, Theresa Assistant Professor, Graduate Education 865.531.4157 Cedar Bluff Site 123 theresa.stevenson@LMUnet.edu
Stewart, Destin Adjunct, Psychology 423.869.7149   destin.stewart@LMUnet.edu
Stewart-Glenn, Jennifer Asst. Director of FNP Associate Prof. Nursing     jennifer.stewart-glenn@LMUnet.edu
Stewart, Melissa Administrative Assistant, Human Resources 423.869.6302 Duke Hall melissa.stewart@LMUnet.edu
Stotts, Christopher Instructor, J. Frank White Academy 423.869.6474 JFWA 305 chris.stotts@LMUnet.edu
Stowe, Rick Director of Student Life 423.869.6811 Student Center 3rd Floor rick.stowe@LMUnet.edu
Stridde, Charles J. Adjunct MLP Business     charles.stridde@LMUnet.edu
Stubenberg, Patricia Anne Director of Continuing Medical Education/ Preceptor Development 423.869.6819 DCOM 341 patricia.stubenberg@LMUnet.edu
Susong, Robin Office Manager/ Security/University Press/Post Office 423.869.6301 Tex Turner Arena robin.susong@LMUnet.edu
Sutton, Sharon Administrative Assistant, Enrollment Management 423.869.6280 DAR 201 sharon.sutton@LMUnet.edu
Swantic, Frances Chair of Graduate Education / Coordinator of the Instructional Leadership Licensure Program, Professor of Graduate Education 865.531.4114 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site frances.swantic@LMUnet.edu
Sweet, Matthew Director of Academic Services and Assessment 423.869.6833 Business- Education Building 109 matthew.sweet@LMUnet.edu
Sziksai, Jeff Baseball Coach 423.869.6345 Tex Turner Arena jeff.sziksai@LMUnet.edu
Szweda, Barbara Associate Professor of Law 865.545.5337 DSOL 334 barbara.szweda@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Locations Email


Taylor, Rhonda Jan Coordinating Admin Assist Cedar Bluff 865.531.4118 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site 183 rhonda.taylor@LMUnet.edu
Teekell, Anna Assistant Professor of English 423.869.6329 Avery Hall 105 anna.teekell@LMUnet.edu
Teitelbaum, Howard Professor, Preventative Medicine/Chair, Preventative and Community Medicine, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7129 DCOM 129 howard.teitelbaum@LMUnet.edu
Tennyson, Pat Director of Purchasing and Office Manager for Infrastructure Management 423.869.6406 Pace House pat.tennyson@LMUnet.edu
Thacker, Larry Associate Dean of Students 423.869.6433 DAR 216 larry.thacker@LMUnet.edu
Theriot, Connie Professor, Graduate Education 865.531.4148 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site connie.theriot@LMUnet.edu
Thomas, Donald Maintenance Worker 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building  donald.thomas@LMUnet.edu
Thomas, Jennifer Administrative Assistant, Dean Allied Health Sciences 423.869.7069 Math and Science Building 319 jennifer.thomas03@LMUnet.edu
Thompson, Benjamin Associate Professor of Finance / Chair, Finance 423.869.7119 Business-Education Building 138 benjamin.thompson@LMUnet.edu
Thompson, Cynthia Police Officer 423.869.6911 Tex Turner Arena  cynthia.thompson@LMUnet.edu
Thompson, Elizabeth Attending Vet & Assist Prof Vet Technology 423.869.6831 Math and Science Building 114 elizabeth.thompson@LMUnet.edu
Throckmorton, Zachary

Assistant Professor of Anatomy/DCOM

423.869.6396 Math and Science Building 414 zachary.throckmorton@LMUnet.edu
Thrush, MaryAnn

Assistant Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice

423.869.6099 Avery Hall 310 maryann.thrush@LMUnet.edu
Tichon, Mark Assistant Professor, Graduate Education 865.531.4139 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site mark.tichon@LMUnet.edu
Tolliver, Gabriel Maintenance Worker/Mechanice 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building gabriel.tolliver@LMUnet.edu
Tolliver, Jeff Custodian/Maintenance Worker Virginia Site 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building jeff.tolliver@LMUnet.edu
Toomey, Michael Chair of Humanities and Fine Arts/ Associate Professor, History 423.869.6296 Avery Hall 202 michael.toomey@LMUnet.edu
Travis, Mark Director, Institute for Collaborative Leadership 865.531.5323 DSOL mark.travis@LMUnet.edu
Turkett, Byron

Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies

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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Underwood, Christopher Assistant Professor of Geography/Program Director for Geography 423.869.6247 Avery Hall 110 christopher.underwood@LMUnet.edu
Upton, Aimee Administrative Assistant, CVM 423.869.6094 Math & Science Building aimee.upton@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Vanderpool, Aggy Professor, Biology 423.869.6463 CMRC 2nd Floor aggy.vanderpool@LMUnet.edu
Vannoy, Roger Director, Athletics 423.869.6241 Tex Turner Arena roger.vannoy@LMUnet.edu
Verna, Gary Assistant Professor of Psychology 423.869.6773 Avery Hall 306 gary.verna@LMUnet.edu
Venuti, Frank Associate Professor, Family Medicine 423.869.6662 DCOM 134 frank.venuti@LMUnet.edu
Vogel, Richard Assistant Prof Broadcast Communications 423.869.6375 Avery Hall 200 richard.vogel@LMUnet.edu
Vroegindewey, Gary Director, One Health Program/Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.7132 Math and Science Building 434 gary.vroegindewey@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Walker, David Director of Lawyering Skills and Academic Success/ Assistant Professor of Law, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5307 DSOL 221 david.walker@LMUnet.edu
Walls, Emily Associate Registrar 423.869.6292 DAR 104 emily.walls@LMUnet.edu
Ward, Jason Grounds   Maintenance Building jason.ward@LMUnet.edu
Ward, William Assistant Professor of Business 423.869.6262 Business-Education Building 121 william.ward@LMUnet.edu
Warf, Lisa Custodian 423.869.6402 Maintenance Building lisa.warf@LMUnet.edu
Watson, Jennifer Administrative Assistant, Department of Math and Natural Sciences 423.869.7071 Math and Science Building 327E jennifer.wampner@LMUnet.edu
Weale, John

Clinical Program Development Coordinator, CVM

423.869.6216 Math and Science Building 115 john.weale@LMUnet.edu
Weaver, Kali Assistant Professor Pharmacology 423.869.6057 DCOM kali.weaver@LMUnet.edu
Weaver, Theresa Executive Administrative Assistant, Dean of the Caylor School of Nursing 423.869.6724 Math and Science Building theresa.weaver@LMUnet.edu
Weisgerber, James

Vice President for Student Enrollment Services

423.869.7758 DAR 203 james.weisgerber@LMUnet.edu
Wells, Norma Assistant Admissions Coordinator – PA Program 423.869.6691 DCOM 417 norma.wells@LMUnet.edu
Weston, Douglas

Asst. Prof & Chair of OMM

Weuve, Celest

Chair, Department of Athletic Training, Director, Athletic Training Program, Associate Professor of Athletic Training

423.869.6840 Math and Science Building 311 celest.weuve@LMUnet.edu
Weyant, Emily

Medical Librarian

423.869.7080 Finley Learning Resources Center emily.weyant@LMUnet.edu
Whicker, Cameron Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach   Tex Turner Arena cameron.whicker@LMUnet.edu
White, Sylvia Payroll Administrator 423.869.7109 Duke, Human Resource sylvia.white@LMUnet.edu
Whitt, Cynthia Vice President, University Advancement 423.869.6394 Kresge Hall cynthia.whitt@LMUnet.edu
Wieting, Michael Professor, Physical Medicince and Rehabilitation/Assistant Vice President, New Program Development Health Sciences/DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7148 DCOM 343 michael.wieting@LMUnet.edu
Wieting, Shelley Assistant Professor, Nursing 423.869.6317 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor shelley.wieting@LMUnet.edu
Wilcox, Mary Accounts Receivable Clerk 423.869.6437 DAR 105 mary.wilcox@LMUnet.edu
Wilcox, Ronald Systems Analyst 423.869.7411 Duke Hall ishelpdesk@LMUnet.edu
Wilcox, Roy Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Coordinator of Chemistry Laboratories 423.869.6222 Math and Science Building 346 roy.wilcox@LMUnet.edu
Wilder, Jessica Clinical Hub Coordinator   DCOM jessica.wilder@LMUnet.edu
Wilks, Stephen Associate Professor of Law 865.545.5312 DSOL 337 stephen.wilks@LMUnet.edu
Williams, Jennilyn A. Instructor, Nursing      
Williams, Tim Assistant Professor, Veterinary Sciences 423.869.6845 Schenck Center for Allied Health Sciences 115 tim.williams@LMUnet.edu
Williams, Jeffrey "Scott" Maintenance Crew Leader 423.869.6678 Maintenance Building jeffrey.williams@LMUnet.edu
Williamson, John Assistant Professor, OB/GYN, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7130 DCOM 205 john.williamson@LMUnet.edu
Williamson, Julia Small Animal Clinical Skills Director 423.869.6903 Math and Science Building 432 julie.williamson@LMUnet.edu
Wilmoth, Dianna Receptionist UMC 423.869.7193 University Medical Clnic dianna.wilmoth@LMUnet.edu
Wilmoth, Robert Assistant Professor, General Surgery/Chair of Surgery, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7214 DCOM 132 robert.wilmoth@LMUnet.edu
Wilson, Ashley

Tutorial Coordinator, Student Support Services

423.869.6440 Finley Learning Resources Center ashley.wilson03@LMUnet.edu
Wilson, Robin Assistant Professor, Nursing 423.869.6321 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor robin.wilson@LMUnet.edu
Wilson, Steven Assistant Director/Curator, Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum 423.869.6422 Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum steven.wilson@LMUnet.edu
Wolfe, Okie Professor, Education 423.869.6248 Business-Education Building okie.wolfe@LMUnet.edu
Wood, Paul Professor, Pharmacology, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6666 Math and Science Building 435 paul.wood@LMUnet.edu
Woodward, Frank Assistant Vice-President, University Advancement; Director, Gift Processing 423.869.6351 Kresge Hall frank.woodward@LMUnet.edu
Wright, Allan Maintenance Worker 423.869.6464 Maintenance Building allan.wright@LMUnet.edu
Wright, Stephen Assistant Professor of Education     stephen.wright@LMUnet.edu
Wright, Travis Director of Assessment 423.869.6674 Duke 304 travis.wright2@lmunet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Yagodzinski, Elizabeth

Director, Online Learning/Assistant Professor, Information Systems 423.869.6827

Business-Education Building 230

Yeary-Hembree, Marcia Graduate Financial Aid Officer/Work Study Coordinator 423.869.6451 DAR 116 marcia.yeary-hembree@LMUnet.edu
Yonts, R. Christopher

Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Chair of Family Medicine

423.869.7216 DCOM 119 roy.yonts@LMUnet.edu
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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email


Zachary, Robin Instructor, Nursing 865.545.8497 LMU-St. Mary's Medical Center Site robin.zachary@LMUnet.edu
Zelent, Anna Athletic Trainer/ATEP Preceptor 423.869.6231 Athletic Training Room, Tex Turner Arena anna.zelent@LMUnet.edu
Zieren, Jan Associate Professor, Family Medicine, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7097 DCOM 121 jan.zieren@LMUnet.edu
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