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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Office of Admissions Admissions Office 423.869.6280 DAR admissions@lmunet.edu
Acton, Matt Admissions Counselor 423.869.6281 DAR matt.acton@LMUnet.edu
Brandon, Carla Admissions Counselor 423.869.6348 DAR carla.brandon@LMUnet.edu
Chumley, Phillip Data Processor, Admissions Office 423.869.6655 DAR phillip.chumley@LMUnet.edu
Long, Sean Admissions Counselor 423.869.6712 DAR sean.long@LMUnet.edu
McCreary, Sherry  Director of Admissions 423.869.6467 DAR sherry.mccreary@LMUnet.edu
Poteet, Renee  Assistant Director of Admissions 423.869.6300 DAR renee.poteet@LMUnet.edu
Sutton, Sharon  Administrative Assistant, Enrollment Management  423.869.6280 DAR sharon.sutton@LMUnet.edu
Weisgerber, James

Vice President for Student Enrollment Services

423.869.7758 DAR james.weisgerber@LMUnet.edu