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Veterinary Health Science and Technology

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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Faulkner, Vina R. Associate Dean, Pre-Clinical Sciences/Dean, School of Allied Health/Chair, Department of Allied Health/Associate Professor, Veterinary Science 423.869.6407 Schenck Center  vina.faulkner@LMUnet.edu
Freeman, William Vet Tech, Clinical Activities Coordinator 423.869.6015 Schenk william.freeman@LMUnet.edu
Hatfield, Mary  Associate Professor of Veterinary Technology and Assistant Director, Veterinary Technology Program  423.869.6278 Phillips Veterinary Technology Center  mary.hatfield@LMUnet.edu
Nelson, Amy  Clinical Supervisor, Veterinary Technology Program 423.869.6205 Schenck Center for Allied Health Sciences 121 amy.nelson@LMUnet.edu
Price, Bonnie  Assistant Professor of Vet Science & Veterinarian   Schenck Center for Allied Health Sciences bonnie.price@LMUnet.edu
Thomas, Jennifer Administrative Assistant, Dean Allied Health Sciences 423.869.7069 Math and Science Building 319 jennifer.thomas03@LMUnet.edu
Thompson, Elizabeth  Attending Vet & Assist Prof Vet Technology 423.869.6831 Schenck Center for Allied Health Sciences elizabeth.thompson@lmunet.edu
Williams, Tim Assistant Professor, Veterinary Sciences 423.869.6845 Schenck Center for Allied Health Sciences tim.williams@LMUnet.edu