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Duncan School of Law

Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Baughman, Kathy Faculty Assistant, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5340 DSOL 311 kathy.baughman@LMUnet.edu
Beckman, Sydney  Professor of Law 865.545.5302 DSOL 312 sydney.beckman@LMUnet.edu
Beverly, Bruce  Assistant Professor, Law  865.545.5316 DSOL 217 bruce.beverly@LMUnet.edu
Carroll, Trish Admissions & Financial Aid Coordinator, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5304 DSOL 252 trish.carroll@LMUnet.edu
Davies, Melanie Director of Externships DSOL 865.545.5317 DSOL 329 melanie.davies@LMUnet.edu
Emge, Chris  Media Specialist  865.545.5311 DSOL 205 chris.emge@LMUnet.edu
Faizer, M. Akram Assistant Professor of Law 865.545.5315 DSOL 313 akram.faizer@LMUnet.edu
George, Cheryl "Shelly" Associate Professor of Law 865.545.5322 DSOL 223 cheryl.george@LMUnet.edu
Harmon, David Custodian/Maintenance Worker – DSOL   DSOL david.harmon@LMUnet.edu
Hash, Laura Assistant Dean, Students/ Assistant Professor, Law, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5325 DSOL 333 laura.hash@LMUnet.edu
Jephcott, Michelle Faculty Assistant 865.545.5321 DSOL 311 michelle.jephcott@LMUnet.edu
Kelly, Courtney M. Administrative Assistant, Dean of Academics, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5324 DSOL 230 courtney.kelly02@LMUnet.edu
Long, Ann  Technical Services and Circulation Librarian, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5306 DSOL 119 ann.long@LMUnet.edu
Lyon, Matthew Assistant Professor of Law 865.545.5318 DSOL 317 matthew.lyon@LMUnet.edu
Marsh, Katherine Information Services Librarian 865.545.5309 DSOL 336 katherine.marsh@LMUnet.edu
Mathews, Randy

Associate Dean for Enrollment Services

865.545.5303 DSOL 253 randy.mathews@LMUnet.edu
McRee, Andrew Director of Career Services 865.545.5335 DSOL 119 andrew.mcree@LMUnet.edu
Meldrum, April Associate Dean for Academics/Assistant Professor of Law, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5319 DSOL 231 april.meldrum@LMUnet.edu
Reagan, Kate  Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations  423.869.6389 Main Campus kate.reagan@LMUnet.edu
Reid, Melanie Assistant Professor of Law 865.545.5314 DSOL 315 melanie.reid@LMUnet.edu
Russell, Gordon  Associate Dean, Professor of Law and Director, School of Law Library 865.545.5305 DSOL 320 gordon.russell@LMUnet.edu
Sangchompuphen. Tommy Associate Professor of Law, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5343 DSOL 238 tommy.sangchompuphen@LMUnet.edu
Security   865.221.9409    
Szweda, Barbara  Associate Professor of Law 865.545.5337 DSOL 334 barbara.szweda@LMUnet.edu
Travis, Mark Adjunct Professor of Law 865.531.5323 DSOL mark.travis@LMUnet.edu
Walker, David  Director of Lawyering Skills and Academic Success/ Assistant Professor of Law, Duncan School of Law 865.545.5307 DSOL 221 david.walker@LMUnet.edu
Wilks, Stephen Assistant Professor, Law 865.545.5312 DSOL 337 stephen.wilks@LMUnet.edu
Williams, Parham Interim Vice President and Dean 865.545.5313 DSOL 226 parham.williams@LMUnet.edu