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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Baker, Thomas Computer Support Technician 423.869.7411 Duke Hall thomas.baker@LMUnet.edu
Bolton, Kevin

Programmer Analyst

423.869.7411 Duke Hall kevin.bolton@LMUnet.edu
Brambley, T. Adam  Media Specialist 423.869.7411  DCOM 112 adam.brambley@LMUnet.edu
Cantrell, Joshua  User Services Coordinator 423.869.6409 Duke Hall  joshua.cantrell@LMUnet.edu
Corder, Zachary Director of Web Development 423.869.7407 Duke Hall zachary.corder@LMUnet.edu
Disney, Michael 

Director of Data Center Infrastructure

423.869.7124 Duke Hall  michael.disney@LMUnet.edu
Dunn, Marta  Administrative Assistant, Information Services  423.869.6454 Duke Hall  marta.dunn@LMUnet.edu
Emge, Chris  Media Specialist  865.545.5311 DSOL 113 chris.emge@LMUnet.edu
Hembree, Michael Computer Support Technician 865.531.3207 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 191 michael.hembree@LMUnet.edu
Holbrook, Zachariah Network Services Coordinator 423.869.7411 Duke Hall zachariah.holbrook@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Lucas  Senior Computer Support Technician   423.869.7411 Duke IS  lucas.johnson565@LMUnet.edu
McConnell, Jason  Chief Technology Officer 423.869.6333 Duke Hall jason.mcconnell@LMUnet.edu
Minton, Alice  Switchboard Operator  423.869.3611 Duke Hall  alice.minton@LMUnet.edu
Moyers, Debra  Director of Administrative Systems & User Support Services 423.869.6469 Duke Hall  debra.moyers@LMUnet.edu
Moyers, Jeremiah "Adam" Programmer Analyst 423.869.7411 Duke Hall jeremiah.moyers@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Clandis Network Administrator/IT Harrogate 423.869.7411 Duke Hall clandis.smith@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Matthew Computer Support Technician 423.869.7411 Duke Hall  matthew.smith@LMUnet.edu
Smith-Yanez, Robert

Computer Support Technician

423.869.7411 Duke Hall  
Wilcox, Ronald  Systems Analyst  423.869.7411 Duke Hall  ron.wilcox@LMUnet.edu
Woods, Mark Computer Support Technician 423.869.7411 Math & Science Building mark.woods@LMUnet.edu