Physician Assistant Program

Why Choose Us?

Program Strengths

  • Small campus, which encourages close collaboration and cooperation among and between students and faculty

  • Dedicated, experienced faculty with academic, clinical and research expertise and the ability to act as mentors, offering ongoing support to students

  • Hands-on education, early on and throughout the program

  • Thorough foundation in comprehensive patient-centered health care with a basis in general primary care

  • Assessment Center and Simulation Laboratory where students are able to experience a variety of simulated medical scenarios, using trained simulated patients, simulated devices (responsive devices that are able to demonstrate a variety of physiologic abnormalities) and an actual medical and surgical facility that could be found in a clinic or hospital, "real world" setting. This allows students an opportunity to practice communication, interviewing and data gathering skills, as well as physical examination and patient assessment techniques in clinic, operating room, emergency room and delivery simulated settings. Faculty are also able to provide formative and summative feedback to students so they can gain and improve skills in a risk-free clinical setting where reliable performance assessment is available.

  • Opportunity to participate in a variety of volunteer experiences where medical services are provided to indigent, uninsured and underserved populations.

  • Lectures in manual medicine with opportunities to learn selected hands-on techniques are  unique additions to the graduate's other clinical skills.

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