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LMU-DCOM Faculty Directory

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Name Title Phone Office Email
Babos, Mary Beth Associate Professor of Pharmacy 423.869.7756 DCOM 219 marybeth.babos@LMUnet.edu
Bassett, Casey Chair of Molecular Sciences, Associate Professor of Histology 423.869.7104 DCOM 236 casey.bassett@LMUnet.edu
Campbell, Teresa Associate Professor of Pathology 423.869.6656 DCOM 222 teresa.campbell@LMUnet.edu
Cobb-Snodgrass, Leah Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Chair of Behavorial Health 423.869.6468 DCOM 120 leah.cobb@LMUnet.edu
Colle, Clarence Professor of Microbiology; Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs/Basic Medical Sciences 423.869.6715 DCOM 235 clarence.colle@LMUnet.edu
DeFranco, Gina Associate Professor of Family Medicine 423.869.6836
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DCOM 122 gina.defranco@LMUnet.edu
Fitzovich, Douglas Professor of Physiology 423.869.6681 DCOM 213 douglas.fitzovich@LMUnet.edu
Gassler, John Assistant Professor of Anatomy 423.869.7182 M&S 412 john.gassler@LMUnet.edu
Gromley, Adam Assistant Professor of Molecular/Cellular Biology 423.869.6698 DCOM 233 adam.gromley@LMUnet.edu
Gromley, Zeynep Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 423.869.6792 DCOM 232 zeynep.gromley@LMUnet.edu
Harrington, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.7106 DCOM 435 jennifer.harrington@LMUnet.edu
Heiles, Kenneth Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education 423.869.6837 DCOM 344 kenneth.heiles@LMUnet.edu
Henderson, Melissa Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 423.869.7135 DCOM 230 melissa.henderson@LMUnet.edu
Hermey, Donna Professor of Anatomy 423.869.7127 MS 410 donna.hermey@LMUnet.edu
Hobbs, Rex Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies; Associate Program Director, Physician Assistant Program 423.869.6086 DCOM 422 rex.hobbs@LMUnet.edu
Hull, Stephanie Director of Didactic Education Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.6266 DCOM 428 stephanie.hull@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Fruzsina Associate Professor of Physiology 423.869.7098 DCOM 229 fruzsina.johnson@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Robert Chair of Physiology and Pharmacology; Associate Professor of Physiology 423.869.7757 DCOM 215 robert.johnson02@LMUnet.edu
Kennedy, III, Joseph L. Assistant Professor of OB/GYN 423.869.7076
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DCOM 211 joseph.kennedy@LMUnet.edu

Kiick, Dennis

Vice President for Research; Assistant VP of Research, Division of Health Sciences; Professor of Biochemistry 423.869.7086 DCOM 220


Kunigelis, Stan Director, Math and Sciences Imaging Center; Professor of Physiology 423.869.6818 DCOM 217 stan.kunigelis@LMUnet.edu

Leo, Jonathan

Professor of Neuroanatomy; Associate Dean of Students, LMU-DCOM: Assistant VP for Admissions and Student Services, Division of Health Sciences 423.869.7094 DCOM 323


Madden, Jared Assistant Professor of OPP and Family Medicine 423.869.6025 DCOM 131 jared.madden@LMUnet.edu
Mann, Jeffrey Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies/Pediatrics 423.869.7122 DCOM 427 jeffrey.mann@LMUnet.edu
McGhee, Christy Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.7014 DCOM 425 christy.mcghee@LMUnet.edu
Metcalf, David Director of Preceptor Recruitment and Development, Physician Assistant Program; Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.7755 DCOM 408 david.metcalf@LMUnet.edu
Miksa, Paula Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies/Director, Clinical Education, PA Program 423.869.6821 DCOM 434 paula.miksa@LMUnet.edu
Moran, Mark Assistant Dean and Program Director, Physician Assistant Program; Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.6843 DCOM 422 mark.moran@LMUnet.edu
Palazzolo, Dominic Professor of Physiology 423.869.6680 DCOM 214 dominic.palazzolo@LMUnet.edu

Seaman, Michael P.

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine/Family Medicine, Simulation Lab Director 423.869.6341
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(Clinic Line)
DCOM 338


Shay, Eva B. Assistant Professor of OMM 423.869.7010
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(Clinic Line)
DCOM 133 eva.shay@LMUnet.edu
Shields, Nicole Assistant Professor of Family Medicine / Medical Director of the University Medical Clinic 423.869.7193 (Clinic Line)   nicole.shields@LMUnet.edu
Shirley, Natalie Associate Professor of Anatomy 423.869.6363 Math and Science Building 430 natalie.shirley@LMUnet.edu
Spears, Shane Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.6344 DCOM 425 shane.spears@LMUnet.edu
Stanczak, Ava C. Professor and Chair of Pediatrics

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DCOM 130 ava.stanczak@LMUnet.edu

Stowers, Ray

Professor of Family Medicine, Vice President of Health Sciences and Dean, LMU-DCOM 423.869.7077 DCOM 335


Teitelbaum, Howard S. Professor and Chair of Preventive Medicine 423.869.7129 DCOM 129


Throckmorton, Zachary Assistant Professor of Anatomy/DCOM 423.869.6396 M&S 414 zachary.throckmorton@LMUnet.edu
Venuti, Frank Associate Professor of Family Medicine 423.869.6662 (Academic Line)
(Clinic Line)
DCOM 134 frank.venuti@LMUnet.edu
Weaver, Kali Assistant Professor of Pharmacology


DCOM kali.weaver@LMUnet.edu

Wieting, Michael

Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/OPP; Dean of Clinical Medicine; Assistant VP of Program Development 423.869.7148
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(Clinic Line)
DCOM 343


Williamson, John

Associate Professor/Chair of OB/GYN; Director of International Medicine 423.869.7130
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(Clinic Line)
DCOM 205


Wilmoth, Robert Assistant Professor of General Surgery/ Chair of Surgery 423.869.7214 DCOM 132 robert.wilmoth@LMUnet.edu
Wisnoff, Warren Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Chair Department of Internal Medicine 423.869.6661
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(Clinic Line)
DCOM 135 warren.wisnoff@LMUnet.edu
Wood, Paul Professor of Pharmacology 423.869.6666 Math and Science Building 435 paul.wood@LMUnet.edu
Yonts, R. Chris Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Chair of Family Medicine, Assistant Medical Director for the University Medical Clinic 423.869.7216
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(Clinic Line)
DCOM 119 roy.yonts@LMUnet.edu
Zieren, Jan Associate Professor of Family Medicine

423.869.7097 (Academic Line) 423.869.7193
(Clinic Line)


DCOM 121 jan.zieren@LMUnet.edu