DO/MBA Program LMU-DCOM Dean and Student


The DO/MBA Program is designed for LMU-DCOM students who desire a thorough understanding of business principles useful to a physician participating in the business of medicine. The program will equip students with a broad foundation in management, marketing, finance, economics and accounting. The LMU MBA program focuses on the application of knowledge to real business situations, while always stressing the role of leadership and being managers in an ever changing business climate.

This new joint program can be completed in four years. It requires the student to attend classes four nights a week during one 10-week summer session. Six hours from the LMU-DCOM curriculum are accepted for dual credit in the program. Two of the four remaining online classes are electives, allowing you to select topics of interest.

Professional MBA Program Curriculum

MBA 521 Foundations of Business I (6hr)

MBA 522 Foundations of Business II (6hr)

These are your foundation courses

Offered only in 10 weeks summer term

MBA 515 Ethics & Social Responsbility (3hr)

MBA 511 Quantitative Analysis (3hr)

These classes will be met through Dual Credit from your LMU-DCOM curriculum

MBA 610 Organizational Leadership (3hr)

MBA 590 Business Strategy (3hr)

MBA 590 is your capstone and should be your final class.

Any MBA Elective (3 hr)

Any MBA Elective (3hr)

You may select from any MBA elective offering of interest.

This program is an accelerated, academically demanding endeavor. Coursework will emphasize the use of case studies that require both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Enrollment is limited and competitive.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Wieting, DO, MEd, FACOCPMR, FAAPMR