Using the Committee

Students interested in attending a professional school are encouraged to meet with a member of the committee early in their undergraduate career.  Members of this committee can be a useful resource for career information. 

All pre-professional students are encouraged to obtain an evaluation letter from the committee.  These letters are based on evaluation letters from faculty as well as transcripts and curricular vitae.  While use of the committee is not required, most professional schools strongly encourage applicants to use the committee at their university. 

Students must register to use the committee.  The registration form can be obtained here (make “here” a link to “Registration Form”) and must be submitted by April 30th.  Your resume, professional school essay and faculty evaluations must also be submitted by April 30thIt is the student’s responsibility to make sure that faculty evaluations are received in Academic Affairs by April 30th.

The committee must receive entrance exam scores before your file can be evaluated.   It is your responsibility to take the exam in a timely manner.  Exam scores must be received by the committee by June 1st, in order to be evaluated by the committee during the summer.  Files whose exam scores are received after June 1st will be evaluated in August.  This may delay consideration by the professional school and is not recommended.

General Timeline

Freshman Year:

  • Meet with a member of the Pre-Professional Advisory Committee
  • Take prerequisite courses
  • Join HOSA (recommended)
  • Participate in community service

Sophomore Year:

  • Take prerequisite courses
  • Take MCAT/DAT/GRE/LSAT preparatory course in summer (if desired)
  • Shadow professional

Junior Year:

  • Register with Pre-Professional Advisory Committee
  • Get faculty letters of recommendation
  • Take MCAT/DAT/GRE/LSAT or other entrance exam in Spring
  • Send in application to professional school